He’s Doing Better!!

Hi everyone!
Sorry I didn’t update sooner its’ been a long week. I am happy to tell you that Toby got his staples out this past Thursday morning and he’s doing really well!.. He’s walking SO much better and he has even ventured out into the backyard again on his own. He had been afraid because his leg was so week and who could blame him but two weeks later his leg and balance are MUCH stronger. He’s also walking much, much better as well.. We still have another four to eight weeks to full recovery and to see if he will need the other hip fixed as well.

We are praying he will not but unfortunately, it’s a wait and see thing.. I want to thank all of you who have shared his GoFundMe page and who have already donated. So far, you have helped us make almost three worths months of payments on Toby surgery bill! Thank you!!

We are still One Thousand dollar away from our goal so if you would please continue to share Toby’s GoFundMe page with others we pray it will move the hearts of others to help pay down his bill. We may be looking at having to do this again so it would help SO much if this bill for this surgery was paid off before we incur another one..

Here’s a short video of Toby being able to play with his sister Sarah again. They missed playing together so much…

God bless you all and thank you again!

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