Summer Sunday Nights

Hi everyone, 

Since it’s Thursday and each Thursday I do a series where I share a childhood memory with you I thought today I would share one of summertime. 

In the 1970’s my father was a master electrician who worked in New York and as you can imagine he had our house all wired up for all kinds of things. But this particular memory I wanted to share with you is about how we would spend Sunday nights in the summer time.

Sunday night at 8 PM , myself, my mom, dad and my brother Billy would all be winding down from a long hot weekend of playing and swimming. Dad would set up the reclining outdoor lounge chairs and on the metal grill cabinet he made, he would put a color TV ontop. Mom would get us set in our chairs with light blankets to protect from mosquito’s and to be comfy along with a pillow and we would all sit outside in the darkness watching The Wonderful World of Disney. That was a Disney movie that would be shown on TV, Sunday nights on CBS. Do any of you remember that?


Nine times out of ten I would fall asleep and my dad would carry me up to my room and tuck me into bed for the night. Oh how I miss those sleepy summer nights. 

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