Can We Say…..Heartbreak?


 I Knowwwww this is supposed to be Wordless Wednesday but some Wednesday’s there’s something to talk about….

Yep, I know this post may seem kind of shallow but it is what it is..So I will begin…

I am not and have never been one of those crazy fan girl types that goes gaga over musicians, movie stars etc…


Put it this way.. it takes A LOT to impress me!  But I have to admit that when it comes to Scott Stapp formerly the voice of the band Creed I am … a crazy fan girl but not for the usual reasons…Okay, let’s get this right out of the way now….


Yes, even after all these years I still think Scott is about as hot as they come.. He’s just such a…..MAN…. in every sense of the word.. (yep, teeth are sweating)


But, putting looks aside what I admire about him most is his heart and soul which he wears on his sleeve and it spills out into the lyrics in his music. Also his amazing talent for singing and song writing. Yah, don’t get me started on his talent or we’ll be here for a year…. Scott Stapp has been through a lifetime of tragedy which he didn’t even understand was tragedy. The chaos that was his life was what he ‘thought’ was normal until about a little more than year ago when he had a mental break with reality which was tragic to watch and played for the whole world to see on social media. 

His wife filed for divorce, his son was begging him on social media to get help and Scott was having horrible mental delusions and making videos about them which he would post to his facebook account… God stepped in by way of his family and friends and after a lifetime of unexplained chaos, Scott was finally diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder. He entered treatment and was put on the correct medication and suddenly Scott seemed to begin living life for the first time. He now has his life for the first time with clarity, his wife and children are by his side and he’s touring solo and doing damn good I might add which, is no real surprise considering Scott has one of those voices you would know anywhere and his Creed fans have followed through with him.. One of those fans is myself.. 

Why am I heartbroken? Well, Scott Stapp performed live at The Boat House In Myrtle Beach which is only about 35 Minutes and I wanted to go and meet him something terrible.. I have never wanted to meet someone famous so much in all my life but, the tickets to do that were $175.00 and with all the medical bills from Toby’s hip surgery we didn’t have the money. So Stapp was 35 minutes from me and I couldn’t meet him. 

I know this is first world problems but I live in the first world and yes….. Im heartbroken..


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