Childhood Memories : Sand Pillows


Happy Thursday everyone and since it’s Thursday it’s time for another Childhood Memory..

This week I am sharing a wonderful memory of my dad with you all who passed away when I was nine years old. This is just one of my favorite memories of him. 

Every year, (we were very blessed children my brother and I ) my parents would rent a condominium down the shore for two weeks in Seaside Park New Jersey which was right on the boarder line of Seaside Heights. Like literally across the street. Our condo was a two bedroom, full kitchen etc. and located just down the block from the beach.

Every Wednesday night during the summer the town of Seaside Park would put on a fireworks display when it got dark out. So the four of us would walk up the street, blanket and snacks in hand and go to the beach where my dad would make a HUGE sand pillow.. Don’t know what that is? It’s pretty simple. Dad would push up the sand into a long wad, kinda of like a body pillow and pack it together real tight. Then he would lay the blanket out which would also cover the long wad of sand and then we would all lay down and have our heads on a very comfortable sand pillow for the night and watch the fireworks.

I miss these days.. 

I hope you enjoy my Childhood Memories series as it brings a smile to my heart to share them with you.. 
Have you ever had a “sand pillow”?

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One thought on “Childhood Memories : Sand Pillows

  1. Robyn, it is sooo special you have these wonderful memories of your family vacations and your Dad……thanks for sharing….really enjoy your blog…..xoxo….Debbie


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