Dollar Tree Treasures


Yes, I admit it.. I am a Dollar Tree junkie.. Not to the extreme some are but I do my fair share of damage and well, because of this every so often I will bring my readers treasures that I have found at the Dollar Tree.  That is to say, items that even though they only cost $1.00 US they are excellent quality and work well… Yes, it does happen. And before anyone asks, no I am not sponsored by Dollar Tree or any other company in any way.

This week I want to bring you an item I have just recently discovered. These Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. 


These are different than the ones you will find in the kitchen items section. These towels are located with the cleaning items and they are much better quality than those in the kitchen items. I was honestly shocked when I picked these up. At first I bought one set, they come with two cloths per set. I really didn’t expect much from them. I thought for a dollar how good could they be? Well, very good!

They are thick and excellent quality and they work excellently. I have been using these to clean everything from my kitchen, spills, bathrooms, inside my refrigerator, my mirrors, and I’ve been using them dry to dust and they work just as well dry!.. I like these cloths so much I went back and grabbed eight more sets. 

So if you’re in the market for some decent microfiber cleaning cloths I say give these a try. I believe they are well worth the dollar they cost. 

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6 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Treasures

  1. So which dollar tree did you go to? The one in the Conway area or the one at Carolina Forest? Have you washed them yet. I had bought some one time for a house and garden show thingy and those got too linty to use after I washed them. But they felt more like a shammy type cloth if you know what I am talking about. Let me know if they work as well after washing, PLEASE! I think I would like them if they do.


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