Manic Monday


On Mondays I usually bring you a treasure I’ve found at the Dollar Tree but this Monday fate had other plans.

On Saturday afternoon round about five PM our entire air conditioning unit decided to stop working. When that happens here in the South in the middle of July in the middle of a heat wave it’s panic time. I quickly called a repair man and as fate always seems to have it for me, the compressor is blown and can not be replaced because the unit is so old they don’t even make the part anymore. 

I have spent the weekend in my home sick from the heat as it has been between 83 at night and 90 during the day INSIDE the house.. Outside temps have been ranging the last two weeks here in South Carolina between 97 and 100 with head indexes of 105-1117. Yes, IT IS HOT!..

My only reprieve is that on Sunday morning Lou and our best friend Bill went down to Lowes and purchased a small window air conditioning unit for the bedroom which truly is a God send but, it doesn’t help when you are constantly going into the heat and then back into the cold. Yes, I feel physically awful but I am grateful for the little AC unit in the bedroom. 


This morning it’s all about scrambling to get the best price on a knew unit, how quickly they can get here and how quickly they can install it. Due to my illnesses I do not do well in the heat. It only takes a few moments and I’m sick. So that is what we are doing at the moment. I hope to bring you a Dollar Tree post next Monday.

Thank you for hanging in there with me!. 

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4 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. Robyn, happy you will soon get your unit as I post this this morning there coming to install our unit… has been 10 days without air….we spent 3 nights and several full days in this aweful heat and we have had my Mom’s house at night when we just couldn’t handle it anymore…..I am grateful that we are finally gonna have air…..and grateful that God has seen to you have air too……I think of the many out there in the same situation and ask God to have mercy on them and see them to a solution……xoxo…..Debbie


  2. I’m so sorry that happened. It always happens in the hottest weather, but of course that’s when you are using it the most. Our a/c is old also. I have it checked each spring, and so far it’s hanging in there. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way.

    Sherry G


  3. Yes, that would definitely be touch for any person , but especially with what you have!! So sorry—hope you get a new unit fast! Our unit is very old also—I figure it will break some hot day! The other day we lost electricity during a thunder storm . It went off for about an hour which never happens around here because our lines are underground. It apparently hit a transformer type station. Thankfully with all of the rain the temps were in the 70’s so we were able to open the windows and then the electric came back on by the time the temps were rising. Keep us posted (on facebook, or whatever!)


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