Life is hard sometimes. Okay, life is hard most of the time but in between the hard times lay the blessings if we are smart enough to see them and recognize them. Last week was a bit rough for us here in our home. Our central air conditioning blew out on us. It was the compressor and there was no way to fix it because it was so old they didn’t even make the part anymore. It needed to be replaced. There was no question but, in replacing the air conditioning we also had to replace the heating as they run through the same unit.  You’re talking a lot of money. $4500.00 US worth. My husband and I don’t have that kind of money so we panicked. It was incredibly hot here the last two weeks with temperatures of 90’s and heat indexes to go with it in the 110’s. Well thankfully a family member came through for us and we were able to replace it.

It couldn’t be installed though until Wednesday. In the midst of this I was sick from the heat and my body decided it would add some more sickness ontop of my usual chronic sickness. I won’t go into detail but, suffice it to say, “it’s a female thing”.  We ended up spending from Saturday evening until Wednesday evening in the scorching, un-breathable humid weather for five days. Wednesday evening after the new unit had been installed and the air was cooled to the point I was actually cold I can not tell you how grateful we are. 

I spent Thursday cleaning, doing laundry, washing and changing the bedding. At the end of the night, I was tired but I was happy and COOL!. Yes, I am one of those people who needs a clean home to feel peace in my home. I can’t control much in this life but a clean home is the one thing I can control.


On Friday we learned that a friend had tragically passed away. It was a horrific way to die and so I won’t go into detail except to say that he was only 48 years old and it made me VERY aware of all the blessings in my life. I try everyday to be thankful and grateful. The things we take for granted truly are our biggest blessings. Such as, having another day with those we love, a cool house in the summer and a warm house in the winter. Having a roof over our heads at all.. Clothing on our backs, food in our stomachs, breath in our lungs. The blessing of knowing that even if we are suffering we still have been given and are given each day still more blessings and that there are others in this world who don’t even possess the basic necessities to sustain life.  

Life is difficult. It’s even more difficult when you have financial, family and or health problems but even through all these issue’s the good Lord sends His blessings. They are there. We just have to be aware enough to see them, recognize them and thank God for them.

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3 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. I wanted to thank you with all my heart for the post about what the evil on this earth was going to do to our Holy Mother.
    What on earth are we going to do in the last days? Us believers have to stay strong together! Thanks again for coming out to defend our Mother!!!!God richly bless you and yours! Dori

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  2. We’ve had some unexpected expenses lately, and it can get you down. Thanks for posting this. It was something I needed to hear!

    Sherry G


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