The Lords Day


If you look at the photo above it says to “keep the Sabbath Holy”.. For Christians that’s every Sunday but just what does it mean?

-Go to Mass (if you’re Catholic and if you’re not why aren’t you? 🙂 

-No servile work on Sunday (what does this mean) Simply put, you are not to do anything that can wait until Monday. Of course if you have to work then you go to work. You have to make meals and clean up the meals but anything that isn’t absolutely necessary to be done can wait until Monday. God rested on the Seventh day and we are too as well. 

What can you do? Worship God by praying, reading a spiritual book, read the Scriptures, meditate on the scriptures, leisure activities like hobbies, picnics etc. But the Sabbath Day, (every day actually) must include some kind of worshiping of Our Lord.



3 thoughts on “The Lords Day

  1. You’re absolutely right. Ted always has to remind me, no vacuuming or washing clothes. I have a hard time with that. Just habit I guess. Thank you for your blog, a nice refresher.

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  2. I could explain why I’m not Catholic, but that’s not why I writing. Actually, I’m writing about the “what can you do” part. Jesus said He is Lord of the Sabbath. As such, it’s every day. We also see from the early church, like in Acts, they treated every day as the Lord’s day. Truth is, if we really want to walk with Him, every second of every day should be His.
    I do agree with a day rest, by the way. I just think we should try to give everything too Him and do everything for Him.

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