Heart Healthy EASY Chicken Stir Fry


I shared a photo of a dinner that I made my husband last week on my Facebook page and lots of people said “Ohhh looks delicious” and “can you share the recipe”.. I felt kinna ashamed because I thought maybe they all thought that I ‘slaved’ in the kitchen all day to make this absolutely delicious looking meal for my husband… 

C’monnnnnnnn ya’ll. Ya know me better than that.. I have very limited energy and my husband needs heart healthy meals now soooo, combine those two and what do you get? A VERY simply, short cut meal that IS heart healthy.. So if ya’ll thought I was this great ‘chef’ I’m sorry but you’ll be disappointed…I made a Chicken Stir Fry and here’s the “recipe”. Looks good doesn’t it? 


I used left over chicken I had from a roast chicken I had made two days prior

Then, I sauteed some stir fry vegetables that I bought frozen in a bag, yes dears, I bought them frozen in a bag from Costco. My husband happens to love these. He says they taste incredibly fresh.  

I just took some light olive oil for cooking and sauteed until they were heated through and a little less crunchy because the carrots are so crunchy they could actually break your teeth. 

Then I added my left over chicken that I cut up into pieces and warmed that with the veggies. 

Lastly, I made this gourmet sauce…. Yeah, not really….. LASTLY, I added

Fat Free Asian Sesame dressing by Kraft. Let the dressing warm, mixed it all together and 



Enjoy 🙂 

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