Love Simply

Last week as most of you know , Mother Teresa of Calcutta which is actually spelled Kolata but in English it’s Calcutta, was declared a Saint in the Catholic Church. For me this is a day I have been waiting for. 


I have loved, admired and followed Mother for many years and in 2013 and became part of the lay group of Missionaries of Charity that Mother began called ‘The Sick & Suffering Co-Workers of The Missionaries of Charity’. Needless to say Saint Teresa of Calcutta as she is now referred to in the Church is very near and dear to my heart as are all the Missionaries of Charity. On September 4th 2016 I was so filled with joy watching Mother be raised to the altars. What was it about Mother that myself and so many millions loved about her and why are we so attracted to her? The answer is easy. 

She loved simply. She loved very deeply probably deeper than most people can but still, she loved simply just as Jesus loves. Simply. Mother, like Jesus didn’t care where you came from, what you believed, what you did or had done. If you needed to be loved and cared for she did just that. She took care of the poorest of the poor. Those who no one cared for, those who were hungry, those who society and family and friends forgot about. From the oldest to the youngest babies. She didn’t make things complicated. She simply loved. Mother always said “if you are judging someone you have no time to love them”. The Lord in all his mercy worked through Mother as a beacon of light shining down on those who suffer and to do this he used a very simple woman who came from a very simple background, who understood that in order to make real change in even one persons life it didn’t and doesn’t need to be complicated. It just needs to be simple. That simple love that she gave to so many reached across the entire globe and goes on today. 

We all need to love as Saint Teresa of Calcutta did… She would say “you must love until it hurts”” and that love must begin in your own home with your own family and then you can go from there”.. Do as the Lord has commanded us ,”love one another as I have loved you” and do it as Mother did… Love deeply and love simply…

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