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Hey everyone! Welcome to my weekly wrap up where I write about what this past week was like.. 

And…….not much to write about today.. I didn’t do a whole lot. I didn’t go out much either. It’s my PMS week, yes I know, TMI but hey, this is my life and that is well, sadly, a huge part of it.. So my body isn’t feeling up to ‘par’ not that it ever is but it’s not feeling up to.. hmm……half the par it usually does? Do ya’ll know about the ‘spoon theory”? If not you can read about it here.

The gist of it is, people who have chronic illness, disability of some kind etc have limited amounts of energy so, we get a certain amount of spoons to use each day. This represents our energy. Each thing you do each day will cost you a certain amount of spoons. When you’re spoons run out, you should be finished with whatever you are doing and ready to rest. The reality is for most of us, we run out of spoons before we are halfway through with our day. Meaning, there are never enough spoons in the day just as people who aren’t sick say “there are never enough hours in the day”.

For me this week my motto is, “I’m always a day late and spoon short” see what I did there? It’s usually, ” I’m always a day late and dollar short” but since I don’t have any dollars either I just replaced it with spoons. Cleaver, yes I know.. Today, Friday, I discovered the art if you call it that, of listening to audio books. I want to try and finish the crochet blanket I’ve been working on for my husband for the last eight months before the cooler weather gets here but I can never seem to make myself sit still long enough anymore. I tried watching YouTube videos but can’t crochet and try and watch an interesting video at the same time so this morning I hunted for a free app on my phone and found one. It’s called LibriVox. I chose Jane Austins “Pride and Prejudice” not that I haven’t read and seen the movies a hundred times but I like it. I began listened and crocheting and ya know, I liked it! I found it very relaxing and it’s a good way to keep myself active while I can’t be active if you know what I mean. 

I did go out on Thursday to take my two old boys Jake and Matty to the vet for check ups and nail clippings. I did get the results of Matty’s blood work today. It was not what we expected but, that’s a post for another day. I have the feeling my body is going to be keeping me it’s prisoner this weekend so I will be a couch and bed potato listening to my new found enjoyment of audio books and working on my husbands blanket when I can.. Yes I know, just so exciting my life is.. 

How was your week? What are your weekend plans? 

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4 thoughts on “That's All Folks!

  1. My husband on oxygen all the time now. I’m taking breathing treatments all the time now for my asthma. I was suppose to go to Charleston for the afternoon to visit my sister and go to a baby shower, which I was looking forward to, but too sick. Getting ready to watch a movie with my husband. It looks pretty good. A lot has happened Robyn since I saw u last. Just us getting older I guess. Praying for u pretty lady and for Lou


  2. Audio books can be so helpful. We sometimes use them when we have long drives. When I was feeling better I would put them on when I cooked and cleaned and did various chores around the house. The library has a lot of audio books. I don’t have a smart phone, but my old kindle (one of the first they made) has audio on it for the books—it is not the best since it is more like a computer, but I used to use it when doing my stretching, doing my hair, and taking a bath ;-).


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