Can we talk about this for a moment? Before I begin let me start by telling you this is not a sponsored post. Costco doesn’t even know I exist. Well they do when they want my membership money but, yeah, we’ll just leave that there..

 I did my usual monthly Costco run last Friday. Yes in the rain while hurricane Hermain was coming through. Yes I got absolutely soaked to the bone wet but that’s beside the point. I of course picked up my usual monthly staples. Paper Towel, Coffee, Fish, Milk, etc. By the way, the milk in my Coscto is only $2.48 US per gallon. Around here that’s a steal! We go through almost six gallons a month so it’s a huge savings for us buying it there.. I digress. 

Because we were getting dumped on by buckets of rain I really didn’t feel like making my trip to Food Lion to buy my produce. I usually always go there because they have the freshest around in my area. I decided to take a look at some of the produce at Costco this month. I only bought a large bag of apples, some romaine lettuce hearts and tomatoes.

In all honesty,  I wasn’t sure how good the produce would be and I was skeptical but, Whoa Nelly!! It’s a week later and I still can’t get over how incredibly fresh the lettuce and tomatoes are. The apples are too but we’ve had them before.. That lettuce and tomato though!.. The lettuce is SO crispy and fresh as are the tomatoes. Sad isn’t it that something like produce could make me so giddy? Hey people, it’s the little things, it’s the little things..

 My husband is the only one who can eat it because of my swallowing problem and I thought about how much I was actually buying worrying about spoilage but then I remembered I ordered the stay fresh bags I always use and no more worries. The bags I use have kept a head of lettuce fresh for me for over two weeks. I’ve gotten tomatoes to stay fresh for over a month. 

I am now a total convert. I will be buying all my produce at Costco. Even though it’s a bit of a drive for me I believe it’s well worth it.. Have any of you ever had the produce at Costco? What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “COSTCO Produce? REALLY???

  1. I get fruit there. It’s lower priced and really good quality. My husband and daughter are big fruit eaters, but not so much with vegetables, so I buy smaller quantities of veggies.


  2. Not a member but will consider joining. We love fresh vegetables and other than buying from the produce stands on the side of the road they are hard to find. Have you bought zucchini, squash and other veggies from there. What kind of bags are you talking about that you use to keep your veggies fresh? Any other helpful tips appreciated. I think i’ll take a drive to Costco this week. When is the least crowded, do you know??


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