Did you have one of those days lives  where you just did not want to be an adult? Today is one of those days for me.. I do not want to have to adult today.

The morning began at five am. Two hours before my day usually begins and trust me this is not by choice. As I was peacefully dreaming of sugar plumb fairies while I slumbered, okay who am I kidding , it’s usually more of me dreaming of some crazy ax murderer running lose and I’m trying to call the police but the phone doesn’t work.

This morning as I was trying to dodge a flying ax and a broken phone in my sleep I hear this noise that sounds like a very forceful water pouring. I jump up out of my sleep, sorry Mr Ax Murderer you’ll have to wait until my nap this afternoon to cut my head off, and I realize it’s not water being poured but more like dumped by the bucket full! I look and it’s my eleven year old lab mix, Matty. 


He is taking the biggest piss on my bedroom carpeting and even though I say “Matty what are you doing!” he can’t stop. We let the dogs out every night before bed and in all his years he has NEVER peed in the house . So I say, c’mon Matty outside and as I am leaving the bedroom to walk through the living room I notice he has peed in there too with a long streaming line going from the living room into the bedroom. Have you ever broken into to tears at 5 am because something is just such a mess and you don’t know how you’ll clean it up? Yeah, that was me. 

Matty was diagnosed with  hypothyroidism a few months back for which he’s been on medication for. We just had a battery of blood work done on him last week and his levels are perfect. I am praying he is not losing his bladder control because that would mean I would have to put him down and for one, I didn’t think he was ready yet and for two, I don’t have the money to bury him yet. So please if you will, pray this was a one time thing. 

As for me and the husband? This morning we will be pulling out our huge Hoover steam cleaner and spending the morning steam cleaning the bedroom and living room rugs.

If this post has typo’s in it or doesn’t make sense it’s because I am half asleep still and it would seem the ax murderer from my dream has left one of his sickles in the sinus cavity in my left eye. but hey, 

You all have a great day! (yes that was sarcasm but, I really do wish you a great, DRY day)

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