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As most of you know we got hit pretty good here in the Myrtle Beach SC area from Hurricane Matthew.  Being without electricity for four days sure gave me a real good appreciation for light. The days weren’t so bad but it was when that sun would go down and everything was absolutely pitch black that by the third night it was seriously starting to get to my brain. We had some damage to our home but nothing too serious and I believe we are very blessed. 

The river near my home is and has been flooding all week long. There are towns in my county that are and have completely disappeared because they are totally underwater.. Here’s some photos..


So when you I look at these photos and I think about everything that has been lost I feel doubly blessed that we had some minor damage that we have insurance for. 

My husbands feet and ankles began to swell a month ago after being put on yet another statin to try. These are drugs for lowering cholesterol if you didn’t know that. He’s had trouble in the past few months with this reaction to other statins but they wanted to try one more. This time it was Crestor and it’s been pure hell since. I’ve have since been learning a lot about this class of drugs and they are killers. Back to my husband. His cardiologist put him on water pills last week and they have begun to help and I can finally see his feet again but that doesn’t answer why the swelling is there to begin with. When his feet swelled the last time, once the statin was removed the fluid went away. This time, it didn’t and it only continued to get worse. 

Friday found us at a medical imaging place to make sure he didn’t have a blood clot in the right leg as the right foot swelled much more than the left and keeps turning red. The radiologist at the ultra sound thought he saw something but wasn’t sure so they sent us straight over to the medical center so the vascular team could look. They said there’s nothing wrong. We are back to the drawing board.

The cardiologist keeps saying it doesn’t have anything to do with his heart which I find completely mind boggling considering the fact that my husbands feet first began to swell a week before his heart attack this past April AND.. the fact that feet and ankle swelling can have everything to do with heart disease ie: blockages. Tomorrow I will make an appointment with our family doctor to have blood work run on his liver and kidneys as he’s on a ton of pills for his back pain (9 back surgeries will do that) plus pills for his heart and I will also request an EKG.. I am not letting this go. I am like a rabid dog when it comes to my husbands health (I wish I were that way with my own) and I am not letting this go until I have a concrete answer. I don’t care how many enemies I make in the process. 

As you can imagine this is taking a deep toll on me. I am so incredibly wear in every way. Physically, emotionally, spiritually.


My own health has not been good for 26 years and all of this since April I believe, is finally getting to my body. I am sleeping so much that it’s beginning to concern me and the thought of doing the simplest thing like talking to people some days just seems too exhausting to even try. Not to mention that my brain is constantly going at mach speed trying to figure this all out to the point that I can’t concentrate on any one thing for more than five minutes. The fact that I am even able to sit long enough to write this post is amazing in itself.. 

Until next time..

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