D I Y Spring Wreath


Today I wanted to bring to you this very simple yet pretty country wreath I made for Spring to hang on my front door.
The supplies you’ll need.
A Grapevine wreath
Two kinds of ribbon in varying sizes
Nice artificial flowers.
Wire Snippers
Tape, Straight Pins or Glue
I chose to use a grapevine wreath because with this type you don’t need to use any hot glue or anything to attach your pieces, unless you want to of course. With this kind of wreath you can simply tuck in your ends and they will stay. The other added plus is because you haven’t had to permanently attach anything to the wreath you can swap it out all year long if you chose with different ornaments on it.
I also did not use burlap on this project because while I know burlap is a very hot item in the crafting world, my skin does not seem to like burlap. It makes me very itchy so I went with a ribbon that sort of looks like burlap. For the my second ribbon I chose a very pale pink.
To begin all you need to do is to start wrapping your ribbon around your wreath form tucking in the first end of your ribbon on the back of the grapevine wreath then you continue all the way around the wreath until you reach the end where you will then tuck your ending piece in as well. The ribbon should be secure but not wrapped so tightly that it distorts the ribbon or the wreath. When finished it should look like this.
Next you want to begin wrapping your second ribbon choice around your original ribbon. This can get tricky but with a little patience it will work. Also, since I did not want to use any kind of hot glue to adhere permanently I took a small piece of shipping tape and taped the beginning end of my second ribbon to the back of my original ribbon so it would stay in place. And I did the same thing for the ending piece of the second ribbon as well. Here’s a photo to show you what I did. May not be pretty but it worked.
Once you’ve completed your second ribbon your wreath should look something like this.
Next step is adding the flowers. I took some wire snips and cut them off the bunch they were in but leaving enough stem in order to stick them into my grapevine wreath. You can arrange yours any way you choose. I chose to do mine more to the side than the center. Carefully placing your flowers in the wreath being sure not to disturb your ribbon too much. When completed it should look something like this.
I hope you enjoyed this DIY and if you decide to make one please let me know about and post a photo of your completed wreath to my Facebook page. I would love to see it!
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Guest Room / Woman Cave Makeover…

I have mentioned in a few posts here and there about working on my guest room / woman cave thats been waiting to be done for the last 10 years. Well it’s finally almost complete. I just have to add some wall decor and shelves but everything else is done and now I can show you what I did.. Total room makeover cost me about $300.00. I’ll put all the before shots so you can see how dull and dingy and full of stuff it was for ten years. Yaknow how ya’ll have a junk draw? I had a “junk room”…
One half of the room and this is the other half.. You can see my mom’s curio cabinet here before I painted it.
Next it was onto taking the strips off the wall. We live in a modular home and the rooms all have these matching strips to cover the seams between the sheetrock. We removed them and then the hubs spackled them and all I can say about doing this is, NEVER again.. They stay up from now on and we just paint them. What a disaster the seams were to spackle.
Next it was on to painting. I picked a very light grayish blue color. I painted all around the ceiling line, floor line, doors and windows and the hubs painted the walls. 
And now, the reveal! 🙂  Sorry for the poor lighting. My phone camera doesn’t seem to do well in this room, not sure why because it has the greatest lighting.
Yes the bed is low to the ground. Thats because it’s not a bed. It’s actually a futon that I bought from Walmart for a really good price. It’s made out of wood and very sturdy. The parsons table under the window is a table I’ve had for years in my living room. It’s now my makeup station where I do my makeup every morning. Sorry for the tools you can see, I still have some of the painting stuff in the room because the other room is now filled with all the stuff that was in this room. We are tackling that room next. 
You can now see my mom’s curio cabinet all repainted and in it’s permanent place if you missed my post about it..
I tried to do this room as cheaply as possible. This is an end table next to the futon / bed. It’s actually a wooden crate that Walmart was selling and I took some heavy craft paper and paper mache’d a colored one on top to give it some color. Sorry the lamp shade is crooked I didn’t realize. The lamps and shades also came from Walmart on sale. 
I got these tables also from Walmart on sale on their website. These are infront of the bed on the longest wall. One as you can see holds my TV. I thought about putting my TV on the wall like I had it in the living room but I really didn’t want to put those huge holes in the wall for the bracket so I decided it’s best to stand on the table. Next to that is my desk for paying bills, writing letters etc etc. Underneath I have some of those sterilite draws which will hold all the office supplies we have that are buried in the other room at the moment. I also have on the side of the desk two plastic portable filing boxes. One has things I need to access all the time and the other holds things I rarely need to grab like tax returns. There’s another one of those wooden crates there that is empty right now but Im sure it will get filled eventually. I tried painting them and let me just say, it was a disaster which is why the two I am using for end tables are staying black. 
This little book case I purchased at Lowes. I like these because I can add onto them and they were cheaper than IKEA. I placed most of my books in there and some of my little wooden country knick knacks I have on each shelf. On the top, I have some thrift store buys. We just had a new thrift shop open in town and the prices are wonderful! I WILL be going back when I can afford to. See that watering can? I almost let it go but I was in love with it and the more hubs talked to the man in the store the more it called to me.. I paid.. drum roll please… FIVE DOLLARS! I’ve seen ones like this for thirty dollars.. and I also grabbed Ms. Mouse there. She was $1.00. The little Apple Tree Girls I’ve had for years, they were my moms and the little duck I got from Good Will last year for like $2.00. I think this shelf and everything on it is my favorite piece in the whole room because everything on it and in it I love.. 
Here’s a close up shot of my desk. The topiary I’ve had for years. The little heart frames are family heirlooms from my mom handed down to her from her mom and so on. I think they originally belonged to my great – great – great grandmother and they hold two baby pictures of my mom. I have a little oil lamp there that I got at the new thrift shop for $0.50. It even came with oil but I threw that out. And then there’s just a mason jar to hold my pens etc, a little wooden house and my adding machine and of course my glasses because my 43 year old eyes don’t see well anymore. 
So there you have it. I hope you like it..When the wall art is complete I will post that but couldn’t wait to show you the room. I love it in there, unfortunately so do my dogs now too! 

Moms Cabinet

Well, it’s finished. I managed to save my moms curio cabinet. Took me about five days, lots of paint and elbow grease but she’s all finished. 

 The photo on the right is where I began. Three coats of paint. On Thursday I spent the morning scraping the paint off the glass windows and distressing the cabinet a bit to give it that ‘loved’ look.

ofcourse I had my little helper Bailey Boo by my side the entire time supervising me. And he didn’t even get into the paint this time!
Here she is all finished and I have a few of my moms items inside for now until I finish filling it. 

Please excuse the stuff on the side, Im still working on finishing this guest room which should be complete soon. Can’t wait to show you all when it’s finally done!

Took alot out of me physically but it was well worth it. I wanted to do this alone without the hubs help. May sound funny but it felt like I was doing it for my mom so it had to be done by me. Its just a cabinet to some but to me it’s a treasure. 


Hi everyone!

Im bacccck!.. I’ve been a bit busy to say the least. I think I mentioned in my last post, maybe? That it’s been many many years since the hubs and I have been able to do much in our home due to his many surgeries over the last 8 years and we are finally beginning to now get some things accomplished.. I spent my weekend repainting the French doors off my dining room that lead into my living room. They were a mess! And I can’t even believe I’m going to show you what they looked like before but here they are…

Sorry I didn’t get a shot before I taped the windows. I always forget to take a before photo. You’re lucky I actually got this one.. LOL Yes, filthy doesn’t even begin to describe it.. With seven dogs in one home they tend to lay up against everything, climb up on the doors to ‘greet’ us thereby also pitting marks all over as well. And let us not forget the tons of “doggy spit and nose snot” on the bottom glasses when they want to see whats happening!.. Yeah, thats a battle I deal with almost everyday.. Cleaning the glass. So, this is before the new paint on the doors, jambs and trim.

Anddddd, here they are completed. Much much better in my opinion. It took me almost 3 days to complete them but I finally did. I even sliced my hand open on an exacto knife and cut pieces out of 2 of my fingernails.. I never said I was a DIY maven.. Im just learning.. No judging.. *Giggles*..

This side of the doors faces my living room

And this is the back of the doors that face into the kitchen and dining room. 

A huge improvement I think and I also think they came out pretty well considering it was my first time ever repainting the doors. 

Yesterday and today I spent the day repainting all the trim in the dining room and kitchen. Sorry forgot to take photos. This afternoon I began another project. 
I have my moms old curio cabinet. Old, when I say old I mean about 18 years old. Unfortunately it got some pretty massive water damage from being stored away and I felt super guilty about it. My mom didn’t have much in life so every piece I have I want to keep. Well the hubs knew how upset I was and fixed the bottom of the cabinet that was completely warped with some wood puddy an some other stuff and shaved it all down so the door on the bottom will open correctly again and I decided to paint it since the bottom is now a completely different color. All shades of black and dark brown. 
These photos are just what I got done today. Its going to need a second coat and possibly a third but I am trying my hardest to save it. I don’t want to part with it. 
After it’s all finished and the paint has all been scraped off the glass I will post a photo of it.. We’ve also come a long long way in redoing the guest bedroom that never got completed. The walls are painted, the trim is painted. I have a new futon I got on the cheap as well as two lamps and two small tables. I will post photos of that room when it’s completely done. I am trying best I can to do that room as cheaply as possible because we really don’t have much money to spend. So between re-purposing items I pick up or using what I already have, it’s coming along nicely, just slowly. 

The next room I want to tackle when the guest room is complete is my guest bath..
So. all in all, Im finally getting to some home improvements Ive waited for a long time, my body is in pain in every place a person can be in pain but I’m happy.

My Mantle..

A few years ago, OK more than a few, I got this wild idea.. I really stole the idea from my old neighbors my brain doesn’t work that fast.  Our fireplace mantle was white. Its what the builder put in. I got tired of looking at it and I saw what my neighbors had done. They bought this spray paint that makes whatever you put it on look like concrete. I liked! that idea. I went out and bought a dark gray color because at the time our walls were a very light color. When it was done it looked really nice.. Then a few years later, I decided we needed to pain the den. I wanted a different more rich color on the walls so now the den and the fireplace looked like this.. 

Yeah not the best looking color combo.. Well, finally about two weeks ago I couldn’t stand it anymore and I wanted to get rid of this dark color because I also plan on repainting the walls again in the near future. I don’t know what color the walls would be but you can’t go wrong with white right?..So I got to work. 

Taped everything up and got to painting.. It took three coats but I finally finished it. 

While I still don’t like the wall color anymore I do however like the mantle much better in white.. Next week I think I’ll go down to Lowes and look at some paint colors for the walls.. 

Tuesday Transplant..

I finally decided it was about time to.. take the time and transplant my plants into those pretty pots I told you I got at Ollies a few weeks ago here…I took a few photos to show you and Mr Lou was gettin a little jiggy with my cam on my phone too!..

This was the first one to be replanted..Have no idea what any of the names are for these plants.. 
Mr Lou had bought me this, I don’t even know what to call it a few years back and it had all these different kinds of plants in it.. I always refer to it as “the jungle you bought me”..
Me getting my hands in the potting soil. It’s still cold here so this actually felt good getting my hands in some dirt! 
I have no clue what the name of this plant is either. Mr Lou keeps telling me it’s called a “Snake plant”? All I know is it keeps getting taller and taller..
The man was feelin a lil randy with the cam.. 
Here are my three lovelies all replanted in their new homes. Now I just hope they don’t go into shock and croak on me! But, I do think they look much nicer in these cute little ceramic pots. 
Next thing I want to get some cute vintage plates to put underneath them. I smell a thrift store trip coming soon. 

Spring Clean Out

The time of year has come when a lot of us started a deep cleaning so everything is fresh for Spring through winter.. I started mine recently and my goodness, I have so much more crap stuff to go through yet.

I began simply, with the help of Mr. L.. We decided our plant needed a new home. He, yes I call my plant a he an no I’m not crazy, well maybe a little bit was so beyond overgrown the roots were pushing the entire plant out of the pot! This is what he it looked like before. You can see how it’s falling out of the pot.

This is the huge root mess we found when Mr L. removed the plant from the pot.. It was a HUGE mess. I couldn’t get the roots apart.  Mr. L. had to use a knife and scissors to cut through them.

Now some may be wondering why we would even bother dealing with this mess. Why not just throw it out and get a new plant? Simple right? Well, not in this case.. This plant is special to me for 2 reasons. The first, my mom made this plant for me from babies of hers about 18 years ago..Secondly, When I met my husband he didn’t have any plants in his new apartment so I told him I was going to bring him one and this, although it wasn’t the monster it is now, was the plant I brought which then became our plant. So, yes, I will cut roots with scissors and a knife, I will get dirt all over my kitchen table, floor and everything else and yes, I will talk to him and assign this plant a gender..because, my mom made this plant for me with love…

Here he it is after a much needed diet in his it’s new home….Now I just have to pray he it doesn’t go into shock and die on us..

I also started cleaning out cabinets.. Today I started with the mystery mess under the kitchen sink and then moved onto the other scarey mystery mess under the sink in our master bathroom..

Under the kitchen sink before.. I couldn’t ever find anything, I always just threw everything under there and ended up with multiples of the same item because I thought I didn’t have anymore .

All nice and clean, c’ept for the stain Mr. L. couldn’t get out.. I almost hated to put anything back in ..
And here is the finished product. I threw out a lot of old bottles, things I had no idea of what they were, things that could walk on their own and I put everything in baskets according to category.. NOW I can see what I actually have, need or don’t need.
Sorry about this photo, I started cleaning out under the master bathroom sink before I remembered to take the photo.
Here’s half the mess anyway.. Yeah, um, sorry about the feminine products but what else do you expect to find under there? We’re all friends anyway right?

Here we are all cleaned out and categorized in baskets.. Do we really need all this junk in our lives? I have enough hair product under here for 10 heads.. but I am happy that now I can see what I actually do have and how much of it I really DONT need but being the beauty junky I am, I won’t part with it… No, you do not have to call Hoarders!

 Yes I know, the feminine products are still in the photo but yaknow, it could be worse.. atleast it’s not laxatives, or enema bottles right?
Lastly, Mr. L. and I on Saturday went down to Lowes. I needed new shelving in my very small utility room since I don’t have a pantry.. We had this old hard plastic flimsy display thingy that was not only cracked, the shelves were beginning to buckle under the weight.. I knew any day that shelf was going to give out. We checked around Lowes for quite a while. Did you know, shelving can be SUPER expensive?! I wanted to go with wood shelves but after seeing the price I quickly changed my mind and went with a heavy duty plastic..
Sorry I didnt get a photo before I took this out..Once again, I forgot to take the picture. This is the ugly plastic thingy we had.. and I don’t wan to tell you what we found behind it when we moved it. Suffice to say, thank goodness for Mr. L’s. hand strength and a cleaner called Greased Lightening.
And here is the new beauty. It’s a 7 foot shelf and while I need a step ladder to reach the top 2 shelves, it fit perfectly and everything I needed to store fits an has room. Once again, I can see what I now have. I had to separate it into two photos. Here is the top of the new shelf. 
and here is the bottom half..
I still have lots to clean out but at least I am getting there. How about you? Do you Spring clean and if you do, have you started yet?