Pamper Me


I had a nice morning of Pampering today.. I literally took the phrase “Friyay” and  “Fryayed” myself. (Grammar police leave me be, I like it!)  I haven’t had a pedicure in ages. I usually just get my nails done but today I thought, you deserve this.. I don’t really but, I’d like to think I do 🙂

After my tech got done working on my toes and my feet she used a Mango scrub for a foot and leg massage and then she used this Mango cream for another leg and foot massage. Can we say a little slice of heaven ?


I’ve never seen this stuff before but wow! did it smell and feel so nice!


Yes, those are my funky lookin legs and feet. I won’t say ugly cause God don’t make nothin ugly. They ain’t the pertiest but they’re mine and I’m okay with them. 

After the Mango scrub massage and the cream massage, she wrapped my legs and feet in hot towels. Yep, I was like spaghetti by that point. Afterwards I was given a hot rock massage on both my legs and feet.

I have pudgy toes. I always have. Oddly enough I only weigh 105 pounds soaking wet but my toes and fingers have always been on the pudgy side. 


Then it was off to get my nails done.  My nails were super long before I had the manicure. So much that they started to curl under on the sides. They were driving me nuts. They kept getting in the way, getting caught on things and texting was a nightmare so I had her cut them way down . They feel so much more comfortable and look better too!.


I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of how I pampered myself today and for those of you men out there who say “That’s a girl thing”.. I’m tellin ya, lots of men go and honey? You don’t know what you’re missing! 

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Life Happens


Hello there friends…

Well, life happens doesn’t it? Spring has sprung here in my part of South Carolina for the most part. The weather seems as fickle as a woman these days. We have days of warmth in the 70’s and 80’s with bright sunshine and then two days later we are back in the upper 50’s again. Whoever said Mother Nature doesn’t PMS? As you can see my Azalea bush bloomed along with one other. It’s so sad they don’t bloom for long because the flowers are so pretty.

Quite a bit has happened since my last post.  Me and the Man have been sick it seems for months. We ended up getting the crud that was going around. You know the one where you begin with a sinus infection then it turns into bronchitis and you swear your lungs will explode and someone is trying to rip out a rib with a cleaver knife from coughing so much? Yea, that one. It also doesn’t seem to want to leave you once it catches you…


A week ago while I was out the Man fell over the dogs and ended up breaking one of his toes and causing a small fracture in his foot so that’s been a ton of fun and now we are off to the doctor for him tomorrow because his ankles and feet look swollen to me. This scares me a bit because it could be something as simple as fluid retention from all the steroids they have had him on for the bronchitis or it could indicate a serious cardiac problem. Please send up some prayers to God it’s not the latter.. We’ve had our share so far this year and it’s only April. Not sure how much more either of us can handle. 


My beloved Mother Angelica passed away on Easter Sunday. Although not unexpected as she had been languishing in suffering for the last fifteen years due to damage caused by a massive stroke in 2001 still, the world seems a little darker, a little colder without her presence no matter what state. I do though believe she is in Heaven praying for us all as she did here in earth.. Mother had a huge impact on countless millions across this world  and I am one of those millions. She is missed and will always be missed by those who loved her. Eternal rest grant unto her oh Lord, let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace.


As for myself, I have a couple of doctor appointments coming up in two weeks. One for my completely screwed up digestive system and one for the swelling and pain in my wrists, fingers and hands which my doctor is convinced is carpal tunnel syndrome.

Through all of this though I will look to the Lord for my strength, courage and peace. I place everything in His hands, accept my crosses with love and obedience for Him and find happiness in each brand new day. It’s hard to look at the above photo and not see the goodness of God all around you even in suffering. 

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Day In the Life – Monday

And so it’s Monday.. Did you have a good day? I had a busy day as per usual but a good day. Here are some clips of my Monday. 

It began seep deprived as I was on the phone with a friend last night until almost One AM and as much as I wanted to go back to sleep when my alarm went off at Six AM my body had other plans as in, it wasn’t going to go back to sleep. So I dragged my butt out of bed at Seven AM after having checked my E-Mail and my Facebook on my phone and hopped in the shower.

After doing all my girly things like putting on my makeup for the day, styling my hair and getting dressed it was time to feed all five of my four legged kiddos. Once they ate I left the house around 8:30 AM and headed to the post office to mail out a package to one friend and some Valentine’s Day cards to other friends. 

After that it was off to Bi-Lo (grocery store) to pick up some dog food and fiber for Toby and Sarah and then across the street to CVS. Here’s what I grabbed at CVS.

I will have a review of these items up on my YouTube Channel sometime this week. If you’re not already subscribed to my channel why don’t you come on by and check it out.


I took my daily nap for about two hours, yes I was still tired and when I got up I had some of that Northern Bean and Ham soup I made over the weekend, I did my Scripture writing for the day and then it was time to feed the four leggeds and one two legged (yes, my hubs) dinner. Tonight’s dinner was easy. I just fried up some chicken tenders in a pan and put it in a salad for the hubs who is a truly minimalist when it comes to his salads. All he really likes in them is lettuce, tomato, some black olives and maybe once in a while green onions when I have them. We didn’t have those tonight. Still, it looks pretty good to me. 


Tonight I’m going to sit down and read the Mass Scriptures for the day, pray my rosary, spend some time in prayer and do an examination of conscience because I have to get to Confession tomorrow night seeing how Ash Wednesday is this week. Can you believe how early Ash Wednesday and Easter are this year!

So that is most of my day. I hope you all had a good day. Thank you for coming by my blog and reading about my day! 

See you soon!

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Simply Saturday

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all having a good Saturday. I thought I’d share mine with you…

This morning I was up early because I knew I had some cooking to do for myself in the way of stocking up on some soups. If you’re new to my blog and wondering why I will be writing an updated post about my health so you understand a bit more. Anyway, on to the soup. A few months ago I ran across this awesome recipe for Northern Bean and Ham Soup and I just love it so it was on the stove bright and early this morning. 


This is what it looks like while cooking. When you’re done you blend it all together and it’s delicious. This recipe calls for a ham shank so I use the bone from the ham and some of the ham I cube for the soup and the rest of the ham I cook in the oven for my husband.


That probably? looks like a mauled chicken or something but really it’s a huge ham thats been de-boned and trimmed a bit. Doesn’t look pretty but sure tastes good.

After I got the cooking going and the kitchen cleaned up I spent some time with my littles.

This is my Bailey who is fifteen years old and in desperate need of a bath which I’m going to try and give him sometime tomorrow. 


Next up is my Toby who is five months old. 


And lastly but surely not least is my Sarah who is Toby sister and she is also five months old. 


If you read my last post I said that I had to run back to the Dollar Tree to pick up some more baking pans that my husband wanted along with some of these rubber mattes for underneath some little rugs I have in the house near the doors. I picked up a couple more things and thought I’d share them with you..

They had these nice little photos in frames so I grabbed them for when my master bath it’s finally finished being painted. I like the photos and the colors will match the wall color. I thought they were pretty decent for a dollar. 


They had these cute little frog stickers and I couldn’t pass them up because besides owls I love frogs and then I saw these shelf sitters for Valentine’s day and they reminded me of Toby when he was a baby so I took two of those. 

And of course these are the baking pans and the non slip rug underlays I spoke about. I put them down when I got home under the small rugs near my front door and my back doors and I’ll be darned if they don’t work really well!.

It was cold and windy while I would out this morning and I had forgotten to bring any kind of lip balm with me so I grabbed this lipstick by LA Colors just to have something to moisten my lips with and I was surprised to see that I actually liked the color. The photo is showing it as a light pink but in reality it’s really more of a darker brown pink. Now I just wish it had some staying power. What do you want for a dollar? I’m going to keep using it though cause I actually like it..

When I got home I did my usual things. Loaded the dishwasher, vacuumed and washed the kitchen and dining room floors etc. Tonight, I will just put all the food away and relax. 

I hope you enjoyed my sharing some of my Saturday with you and I hope you had a wonderful day too!. See you tomorrow! 

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Do You Dress For Your Body Type?

Hi Friends.

Today I wanted to talk to you about dressing for your body type.

Now that I’m in my forties my body type has changed over the last few years. Actually, it seems to keep changing but one thing that has stayed the same is the shape of my body. For most women, when they reach a certain age due to hormones, health etc. we gain weight, some lose weight and when these things happen we have a hard time dressing ourselves because, clothing becomes too lose, or too tight, or bounces back and forth. I seem to be in the latter category.

Over the last six months or so my clothing doesn’t feel right on me. Most things have become too tight and I only bought new clothes last year. I don’t feel comfortable in my clothing, I feel kind of suffocated in everything and well, to be honest, my tops don’t look very well on me anymore either. While I’m not an overly heavy woman, I stand at five foot one the last time I checked and my weight last time I checked flip flops between one hundred and eleven pounds and one hundred and thirteen pounds. Due to this I have been recently picking up a t-shirt here, a top there with no real direction.

So, the other night I sat down at my computer and decided to do a little research on what would look best for me. I began by researching what my body type is. To do this you first have to take your measurements. Here’s a chart to help you do that.

You want to measure the fullest part of the bust, the smallest part of the waist and the fullest part of your hips. To do the hip area take your tape measure and put it around your buttocks and then your hips. I just added this for you because I was unsure where to put the tape measure at first.

Once you have your measurements you can then go to the internet and research your body type. All I did was Google, “what body shape am I”

I used this site

Shop Your Shape

All you do is input your measurements and they will tell you your body shape according to your measurements and then they will suggest what types , and cuts of clothing would look best on you. I happen to be an “apple” shape or a “banana” shape. I actually fall into two categories. What these mean for me is, I look best in clothing that will accentuate my shoulders and neckline as well as my legs. So they suggested I wear low rise, dark color, straight leg jeans and pants. Shirts and tops that don’t have any “bling” on them but have deep V necklines as well as scoop necks and square necks. Also, tops that have flowey arms and empire wastes to hide the sins of my belly 🙂 For accessories they suggested scarves worn in different ways as well as satchel handbags as opposed to shoulder bags. One last piece of advice and it’s a good one, get yourself a WELL fitting, comfortable bra.

My next step was to hit my closet. So far I’ve only gotten my tops done. I did have a lot of the types of tops they suggested. I began by taking out every single top I own and trying it on and really looking at it in the mirror on myself, asking questions. How does this look on me? Do I have back fat? (Yes ladies most of us will all deal with this at some point), does it hide my belly? Does it lay right? Does it look nice? How is the color on me? Do I feel nice in it? Does it feel comfortable? Yes, I did this with every single top. I ended up cleaning out a lot of pieces and I am still left with plenty.

Here are the two piles of tops and T-shirts I am donating.

20151104_120306-2 (1)

The end result of this is now, I know I have tops in my closet that fit well, look nice and feel good. I no longer dread thinking about what I’m going to wear. Yes I did dread it because a lot of the tops I would always chose were tight on me and I knew I would feel uncomfortable the whole time I had them on. I will start on my pants and jeans next week.

On Tuesday I took the advice from the website an went out and bought myself two very comfortable, well fitting bras along with an inexpensive satchel hangbag. I can not tell  you what a pleasure it was getting dressed on Wednesday. I felt comfortable in my clothes, they looked nice on me and the satchel handbag just pulled it all together.

So what about you? Do you dress for your body type? If not, would you like to try?