When Its Real

When Its Real (1)

Many hundreds of thousands of people have heard of Joey + Rory. Country music stars and now Grammy winners as well. Maybe they are only famous to some due to Rory’s blog called, 

This Life I Live 

where for the last two years he has blogged about his life and mostly about his wife Joey’s battle with stage IV cervical cancer. That is how I found them and I am better off for it. 

Recently, Rory wrote a book titled the same name as his blog, This Life I Live .

On the blog we don’t get to learn about Rory himself as the blog was always more geared towards his wife and his precious daughter Indy. In the book however, readers got to know a lot about Rory’s life from the beginning up until this present. It was actually really nice to learn more about this unique man although he would be the last one to call himself unique. The reader also gets to learn a little bit more about his beloved Joey that was not shared in the book nor in the movie.

What fascinated me most about this man, Joey and their lives is how no matter how hard times got, and we all know about hard times, faith is what brought them through. The deep connection to the Lord, the complete and total dependence on Divine Providence when most of us would have given up. 

Rory came from shall we say extremely humble beginnings and those beginnings were far from easy. Joey came from a wonderful, loving, faithful family. Two complete opposite puzzle pieces that God in His wisdom and love for us made to fit perfectly together. 

This book, to me was so good that I read it completely in one day. In these 250 pages you find, struggle, love, loss and beauty all together. It’s a book I recommend to everyone and anyone. 


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And So, It Begins


In my last post I talked to you about a Spiritual Reading Program I was about to start. As of tonight, I have begun that journey. You may be wondering why would someone go on a Spiritual Reading Quest? Well, for me, it’s because I want to be closer to God. I want to know Him more, I want to love Him more, I want to serve Him and be pleasing to Him. How can I do any of these things if I don’t know Him as much as possible?

As with any relationship we can’t truly love someone if we don’t take the time to truly get to know them. Same goes with God. Our purpose here is to know, love and serve God and it begins with the first step. Mine is what I like to do best. Reading. 

I also shared this book with you…


And the author of this book is very confident that once someone begins a spiritual reading program such as this, one will feel benefits right away. I am here to tell you, she’s right. I spent much more time this evening with God through reading than I normally do, I was able to more deeply contemplate, meditate on the Scripture passage I read as well and I already feel a closer connection to Him and I can not wait to get even closer. This I believe is His gift to me and I can’t think of a better gift. 

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The Lords Day


But what does it mean to love God? It means to keep the Lords Commandment. “Love one another as I have loved you”…It means staying away from sin as much as possible so not to offend God who is truly our Father. Would you do something purposely to hurt your earthly father? I hope not. So why would we intentionally do something to hurt God our Father who loves us more than anyone ever could? Who blesses us daily when we deserve none of His blessings but His wrath?.. 

The Lords Day


If you look at the photo above it says to “keep the Sabbath Holy”.. For Christians that’s every Sunday but just what does it mean?

-Go to Mass (if you’re Catholic and if you’re not why aren’t you? 🙂 

-No servile work on Sunday (what does this mean) Simply put, you are not to do anything that can wait until Monday. Of course if you have to work then you go to work. You have to make meals and clean up the meals but anything that isn’t absolutely necessary to be done can wait until Monday. God rested on the Seventh day and we are too as well. 

What can you do? Worship God by praying, reading a spiritual book, read the Scriptures, meditate on the scriptures, leisure activities like hobbies, picnics etc. But the Sabbath Day, (every day actually) must include some kind of worshiping of Our Lord.


Suffering Is a Gift?

Some of you may be looking at the title of my post and thinking, “has she gone off her rocker?” Well, not quite yet anyway.. I wanted to talk about suffering and the way most of us look at it..Most people, myself included up until a few years ago looked at suffering as a useless and horrible part of life…Suffering is something we all want and try to avoid but what happens when you can’t do either? How do you deal with that fact? At some point in order not to “go off our rockers” we need to figure out a way to live with our suffering and try and see if it does have a part to play in life and for me, it’s taken twenty years and I’ve been given some answers to all my questions about my daily suffering.


As most of you know I am a Catholic Christian and my faith is everything to me. I also pray a lot throughout the day and each night. You also may or may not know that I have suffered with illness for the last twenty years which includes not feeling well on a daily basis, pain that is better or worse depending on the day but you learn to push through it all. Then there are the days and nights where I can be physically feeling so badly and in so much pain I don’t know if I’ll make it to the next day. It’s on those kind of days and nights God gave me the blessing of insight and knowledge about my pain and sickness. 

I have learned to use it and use it for the good of others. When my pain and sickness feels unbearable I offer it to the Lord through the Immaculate Heart of Mary for the good of those here on earth that I love, for an end to abortion, for the help of Christians around the world being tortured, for the souls in purgatory, for the sick, the poor etc. and in this I have learned that as crazy as you may think this sounds, our suffering can be a gift.  Now I’m sure you’re scratching your head saying to yourself, “how can that be? now I know she’s lost it”..

Look at it this way.. Most people, notice I said most not all. Most people who are perfectly healthy are usually concerned with all the things that are happening in their lives, where they want to be, what they want to get, the things they want to do etc. When we are in a happy state in life we rarely think of those who are not. It’s just human nature. We have become such a busy society that unless something forces us to slow down and see the world around us we don’t stop. We keep rushing through life like bulls in a china shop never seeing those in need here on earth and those no longer with us. 

When you are chronically ill you have to stop. You aren’t given much of a choice. It is then that I began to ask and learn about suffering and what it all means and why does it even exist. What I learned is that God allows us to suffer at times and all suffering has use and meaning. This is why it is a gift. If we take that suffering and offer it back to our Lord for the good of others it doesn’t go to waste. God doesn’t waste anything not even our pain.

It is an absolute gift and blessing to be able to pray for others and their needs. It is a gift and a blessing to pray for those holy souls still in purgatory (if you’re not Catholic you probably don’t believe in purgatory but I can tell you it’s a real place). So even though I do not wish to suffer, I do not welcome sickness and pain but since I have both I thank God for them because had I not had either I would have never taken the time out of my daily life to think of others before myself. And I thank God for giving me the blessing of understanding these things. I thank Him for the blessing of being able to offer my suffering for others because He has made it known to my heart that suffering while it may look like it is in vain it is infact just the opposite. He gives me the gift to give to others who may not be able to pray for themselves. He gives me the gift to be able to join my prayers through my suffering to those of His Saints and Angels.

So yes, you can have happiness and joy in the midst of suffering and pain and yes, your suffering is useful and yes your suffering can be a gift.