Fifty – Nine Years


Today we celebrated my husbands fifty-ninth birthday. We had a nice day together that we also shared with our best friends Bill & Linda. 

The temperature outside was a balmy thirty some odd degrees but the love shared on this day made for a nice warm and cozy day together celebrating my husband. I had so many thoughts and feelings when I woke up this morning, mostly, thankfulness. We decided that we would stay home, I would make a nice dinner and we’d have some birthday cake and that’s exactly what we did and I thought I would share some photos of the day with you. 


New Sig

This is my handsome birthday boy..


A kiss to start the day!


I forgot to take a photo of the dinner we had. I made a nice ham along with some green beans, a salad and some biscuits. I did however take a video of us singing Happy Birthday to my handsome man. Yeah, don’t turn your sound up too loud because we sound like a few suffering cows. What can I tell ya, singing is not our strong suit. 

from on Vimeo.

Then it was time to cut the cake ! 


After cake, we, meaning Me, Lou, Bill & Linda decided to take some photos but Bill, our resident comedian decided to goof around. He always makes us laugh.. 


This is myself and my bestie Linda 


And of course even though with time boys turn into men they are still always little boys at heart. They look like two little boys playing in the backyard. Bill is messing around and Lou has this intent look on his face while he’s watching Bill play with my salt and pepper shakers as if they are nine years old again and Lou can’t wait to see what Bill will do next.. LOL

Best Buds 


And then it was time to say G’night.



Saturday Snaps – Week In Review!

My goodness it’s been hot outside!! I don’t know about the rest of the country (I don’t watch the news) but here in South Carolina it’s been absolutely oppressing! This is what most of the week has looked like here but Friday and Saturday are supposed to be hotter and I keep asking God to turn down the sun just a little bit..


Monday was July 4th and honestly it was just too hot to do anything so we stayed in. I still hadn’t gone food shopping for the month which is late for me. Usually I go on the first but this month it’s just been so hot and humid that we didn’t really need anything that was urgent so I knew it could wait a few days.. 

I had planned on going on Tuesday but when I woke up Tuesday morning I wasn’t feeling all that well so I decided nah, I think I’ll take a “me” day and just rest. I could tell my body was screaming for it and so, thats exactly what I did.. I got out of bed for a cup of coffee, I had some ice cream, etc and spent the day on the couch and in bed besides taking a shower with a good book such as this one.


I admire Cardinal Robert Sarah for many reasons and have wanted to get this book for the longest time and I finally did. I thought Tuesday was a good day to crack it open and it was !.. I love it when sometimes, just sometimes a plan comes together. 

On Wednesday we had to take Alvin and Matty to the vet. Alvin needed his last puppy shot and Matty unfortunately has an ear infection again. We found out its yeast and also may be a chronic thing with his ears because of his hypothyroidism. So we are treating it and will probably always continue to do so. He’s an old boy and well, things start to break down whether you’re an animal or a human.. We deal…

On Thursday I had no choice but to get out and do the food shopping although I was NOT looking forward too it but we were starting to run out of staples. I made myself leave the house by 715 am and I had both Walmart and Costco all done by 11am just as it was really starting to heat up out there. 

Friday I planned on going to the local Food Lion to pick up our produce for the week. They have great produce and the produce at Walmart, well lets just say….. I wouldn’t feed that to anyone but we had thunderstorms roll through Thursday evening around Midnight and my biggest dogs are afraid of them so I was awake until 1 am and it seems Alvin is not afraid of them but he likes to be close and I mean ….CLOSE.. as  you can see here.. 


Yes, that is Alvin under the covers.He likes to sleep on my legs under the blankets..

Friday was also another scorcher as well so I was glad I didn’t go anywhere. This was the temp and heat index at 530 PM.



Yes, you read that right.. Feels like 112! and I can tell you it’s accurate because when I took Alvin out too potty I was begging him to get done because it was so hot and humid..

We are supposed to get more storms tonight (Friday) I am just hoping they come in early so I can get some sleep. I will have to get out early again tomorrow morning to Food Lion but then for the rest of the weekend we are hunkering down in the house in the air conditioning.. 

How was your week? Is it this hot or hotter by you?

Until next time 🙂 

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Day In The Life Monday May 9th 2016

Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men……today I was looking forward to having the same kind of day I did on Sunday. Which was, do only the necessities in the home and the rest of the day, only what I wanted. Then somewhere around nine pm last night and I was lazily laying in my bed catching up on last weeks TV shows on my DVR it hit me. I had to go out in the morning. Why you ask? Well it starts because of three very spoiled dogs. Well, actually all my dogs are spoiled but these three in particular is what made me have to go out. You see, Matty, Sarah and Toby are all on medication. Matty takes two pills per day for his thyroid condition and Sarah and Toby are currently on an antibiotic twice a day for the next two weeks. And well, they refuse to take their medicines unless it’s wrapped in deli cut turkey breast. Yep, you read that right. Spoiled right? Yes but it’s also just easier to by the damn meat and get it over with.

Then I got to thinking that while I was out I should look for some other kinds of stuff for me to munch on at night besides salt laden potato chips and my newly rediscovered favorite, Bugles corn chips which are also salt laden. I just feel I am getting way too much salt in me each day and I am wondering if it has lead to my increased by a million pain in my hands, wrists and fingers. Its a theory worth looking into right? So I went to the “gluten free” products. No I am not a celiac but I am gluten sensitive. I have been since way before it became “popular” to be so. Like back into the early 1990’s when everything was hard as concrete and tasted like cardboard. We’ve come a long way baby. So I decided to pick these up.


The Glutino Chocolate Chip cookies I’ve been eating for a while. They are excellent with a cup of coffee. I’ve never tried the other crackers though. Final thoughts on these? For myself, the Van’s crackers are really really good but the Multi-Seed Crackers over there? Umm, No. Not unless I was a bird because thats what I felt like I was eating. Bird Seed! So I figure I’m ahead of the game because as the song goes, two out of three ain’t bad. Yeah, I know. I just dated myself.. 

Then I decided since I haven’t felt well at all in the last three weeks it was time to see a doctor. Yes I know the stress and worry I’ve been under since my husband had a heart attack three weeks ago doesn’t help anything but I also knew by this weekend it was more than that. And I was correct. I went over to the local Doctors Care here in my town and I actually didn’t have to wait what seems to be the prerequisite four hours, only an hour and half this time. Turns out it’s what I thought. Another sinus infection with massive drainage and fluid in my right ear. I will be back on antibiotics tomorrow. Being sick all these years you sort of start to learn when your body is telling you it’s time for medication. Sometimes I push it too far and end up pretty sick but with all thats happened with Lou I didn’t want that to happen now and I did not want him to catch it. He’s got enough troubles.

When I came home I wanted to get out my most favorite sandals and walk around outside a little bit and assess the flowers and plants situation which I’m embarrassed to say is even worse than I thought. No, I haven’t kept up with it.  So I went to get my favorite Clarks’ that I bought last year that I could actually never take off because they’re so comfortable and I found this!


Yes. It seems Sarah or my little “Saw Jaws” as I like to call her decided it would be okay to try and eat them!!..Guess what I’ll be doing next month? Yep, budgeting for a new pair.

Late afternoon after I had fed all the dogs and was cleaning up Lou decided to take his daily walk and I went outside to wait for him.


Then I mosied on over to do what I originally wanted to before the sandal incident and to my surprise some of my marigolds decided to come back. I told you it was a sad state of things. I wasn’t kidding. 


Afterwards, I cooked dinner for Lou. I made his new found favorite baked chicken breast. Yes I will be sharing that on my blog this week so be on the look out for the juiciest chicken breast cooked in the oven you’ve ever tasted. I loaded the dishwasher which is now humming nicely in the background as I sit here listening to Bailey complain he wants to eat again as I write to you all and contemplate when to get up and take my makeup off.

I hope you all had a nice Monday! 

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Week In Review.

Whew! What a week. The first week of every month is usually a busy one for me. Since we live on a fixed income I usually do all my food shopping for the entire month in that first week. Usually I hit two stores but this month was a little bit different. Due to my husbands health now, I have changed the way and what he eats dramatically so in light of that I wanted to stop at a few others places to see what they offered. 

First stop was a Farmers Market that I had seen signs for, for a long time but always forgot to go. Well on Tuesday I decided to check it out. When I arrived all excited hoping to find lots and lots of fresh produce, my excitement was quickly dashed when all I found was a bunch of roofers putting on a new roof and the inside of the building was torn to shreds. I guess they are doing a make over? Scratch the Farmers Market. Next I stopped at a brand new Publix that just opened up near us. I got as far as the produce department which was very nice, looked to be very clean and wasn’t really high priced. I grabbed Forty dollars worth of fruits and veggies and went on my way. My way to my monthly run to Costco and Walmart. 

At Costco I buy our staples like coffee, paper towels, toilet paper, milk, fish and meat. At our Costco the meat and fish are excellent. So much so we don’t buy meat or fish anywhere else. I had split up my Walmart and Costco shopping into two days. Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday I was so exhausted (thats for another post) I wanted to stay home, lay on my couch, read my books and just “be” but, I looked in the dog food container and saw we were almost out which meant, I was going out. Before I left I realized I had forgotten a few things at both Walmart and Costco so, back down to both stores. I dunno if it’s stress, pre menopause or age but my memory sucks even worse than usual. I feel like my food shopping list was all over the place this month and no place at the same time. 

Today is Friday. The last thing I wanted to do and actually my body wouldn’t let me do is leave this house. I just wanted to do ……absolutely nothing but.. Toby had a vet appointment.


 My husband was feeling well enough that he took Toby to the vet so I could stay home. Toby has a skin infection. He seems to get them all the time as does his sister. But I digress. My husband wanted me to rest but you know, I seriously don’t think my brain has that switch that knows how to shut off and just rest. Instead of resting like I should have I spent almost two hours standing on my feet in the kitchen, this is after I cooked breakfast for Lou, fed the dogs, did the dishes and vacuumed the dining room and kitchen floors, cutting up the fruits and veggies I bought to freeze so they wouldn’t spoil.


This is just some of the fruit for the refrigerator and I forgot to photograph the veggies before I put them up in the freezer.


We have a pretty bowl full of apples and Halos on the counter for hubby to pick on.

Last night I got so annoyed at my gel nail polish I seriously couldn’t stand it anymore. On Monday I went and had my gel tips removed because they were starting to annoy me and now so was just the polish. I realized that while gel tips and gel polish do look really nice I have noticed since getting older I am not the type of woman who has any desire for the upkeep of either. I love how they look but I have no patience for the upkeep. Thursday night I couldn’t stand the way the polish felt anymore I wanted to rip my own nails off so, I took some cotton balls, doused them in acetone, wrapped my fingers in tinfoil and let it melt off. I wasn’t going to pay twenty dollars to have it taken off and this is the end result. 


They aren’t too badly damaged from the gel nails and polish but I did have to cut them real short because they were like paper and my ring finger nail did split which you can see in the photo. I have decided no more gel, acrylic anything. They don’t look the best especially with my swollen fingers and hands but in the grand scheme of things this means nothing and I don’t personally care what anyone else thinks how they look either. I let them breath for a while and then just put some of the Zoya Naked Mani on them in a satin finish and let it go at that. One less thing to deal with , one less thing to waste money on. Right now in my life, I need easy as possible, simple as can be.

Hope you enjoyed my weekly recap and I hope you had a good week! 

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Day In The Life – Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday!  Have any idea why this Tuesday out of the year has so many names including Fat Tuesday? It goes way back many many years. It’s the day before Ash Wednesday and Fat Tuesday is because Catholics, and other denominations of Christianity are supposed to get all their gluttonous (yes gluttony is a sin) eating because Ash Wednesday is a day of fasting and repentance. There’s a little history for you that either you wish you didn’t know about or you’re fascinated. It’s up to you.

My Fat Tuesday had a couple of wrenches thrown in it, none that were too bad but I would have rather not had to do them but alas since I did I will share. My plan, ah yes, there’s that plan again.. My plan was to stay home, get some paperwork done, begin our taxes and, remove and clean all the bedding and clean up any clutter that was laying around because the woman who comes to clean every two weeks will be here tomorrow. Yes I clean before my house cleaner comes.. Well, I don’t actually clean, clean, rather I pick up anything laying around so she doesn’t have too and can focus on cleaning. At 7 AM I heard the hubs was awake so asked him to make me some eggs which he gladly said he would then the next thing I heard was, 

Hubs: honey?

Me: Yes?

Hubs: Um, did you buy any egg beaters when you went food shopping? (egg beaters are all I can swallow in the morning)

Me: Um, no, you went food shopping

Hubs: I don’t think they were on the list. You don’t have any.

This was before my feet were even out of bed. So the hubs made me some very and I mean very soft scrambled eggs out of regular eggs and poured the rue I make over them. While he was cooking them I was asking God not to let me choke on them. (yes thats part of my health issue’s). Well, hubs made them really good but despite the love he put into them, because they had egg yolk in them they were too sticky even with the sauce I make and I had a hard time getting them down. I was only able to eat a little bit of them so breakfast for me was a bust. I did however have a chocolate cookie around 9:30 AM with my coffee.

Last night I asked the hubs if he would go to the store so I didn’t have to. He agree’d to so but as the morning wore on I realized I would have to go out anyway because not only did I need to get myself some egg beaters, I had to drop my down comforter off at the cleaners and then I wanted to run to the dollar store to get a glass bowl. I don’t have one and I need one to melt off the gel nail polish I had put on last week because it’s lifting already! It’s not supposed to be from what I’m told and if this is all it’s going to last on me it’s not worth the money for me to be paying to have them done. I will melt it off and do my nails at home again. Wow , that was a bit long winded huh?

While at the Dollar Tree I noticed they had these pretty glass jars and I wanted to get rid of the yucky looking plastic ones I had on my counter so I bought three of them, labeled them and put them on my counters. I think they look much better than the plastic ones. 


I bought one for Bailey’s cookies too.


I did manage to get the bedding all washed, sheets changed and I put an older comforter on my bed until my down one is finished at the cleaners. Don’t mind the clutter on my end table. It’s my everyday stuff and it stays there. 


It’s very cold outside for here in South Carolina and with the wind it feels even colder. The weather is supposed to be like this all week so I decided to pick up my crochet again despite the pain and swelling in my hands and wrists (yes I think have carpel tunnel syndrome) , put on my wrist brace and finish the blanket I put down months ago. This is how I’ll be spending the rest of my night.


I hope you had a good Fat Tuesday! 

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Day In the Life – Monday

And so it’s Monday.. Did you have a good day? I had a busy day as per usual but a good day. Here are some clips of my Monday. 

It began seep deprived as I was on the phone with a friend last night until almost One AM and as much as I wanted to go back to sleep when my alarm went off at Six AM my body had other plans as in, it wasn’t going to go back to sleep. So I dragged my butt out of bed at Seven AM after having checked my E-Mail and my Facebook on my phone and hopped in the shower.

After doing all my girly things like putting on my makeup for the day, styling my hair and getting dressed it was time to feed all five of my four legged kiddos. Once they ate I left the house around 8:30 AM and headed to the post office to mail out a package to one friend and some Valentine’s Day cards to other friends. 

After that it was off to Bi-Lo (grocery store) to pick up some dog food and fiber for Toby and Sarah and then across the street to CVS. Here’s what I grabbed at CVS.

I will have a review of these items up on my YouTube Channel sometime this week. If you’re not already subscribed to my channel why don’t you come on by and check it out.


I took my daily nap for about two hours, yes I was still tired and when I got up I had some of that Northern Bean and Ham soup I made over the weekend, I did my Scripture writing for the day and then it was time to feed the four leggeds and one two legged (yes, my hubs) dinner. Tonight’s dinner was easy. I just fried up some chicken tenders in a pan and put it in a salad for the hubs who is a truly minimalist when it comes to his salads. All he really likes in them is lettuce, tomato, some black olives and maybe once in a while green onions when I have them. We didn’t have those tonight. Still, it looks pretty good to me. 


Tonight I’m going to sit down and read the Mass Scriptures for the day, pray my rosary, spend some time in prayer and do an examination of conscience because I have to get to Confession tomorrow night seeing how Ash Wednesday is this week. Can you believe how early Ash Wednesday and Easter are this year!

So that is most of my day. I hope you all had a good day. Thank you for coming by my blog and reading about my day! 

See you soon!

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Life Updates And Some Chat

Hi everyone…I felt like writing a post today and thought I would just kind of chat with you all.. 

Happy February! It’s been a busy week so far and it’s only February 2nd but the first week of the month is always busy for me because I do my monthly food shopping and figure what bills need to be paid when and all that good stuff.

This month I got a nice break with the food shopping. Usually I go to Costco one day and stock up on our bulk items for the month like toilet paper and paper towels and then the next day I hit the Walmart and get the food we will use for the month and then the third day I hit the local grocery store and get my produce. I like getting it there because it’s always so fresh. This is a tiring routine for me as I don’t have a lot of energy to begin with but, this month hubby went to the Walmart and did the bulk of the shopping while I did the Costco haul. That was a huge help to me. Then one day this week I”ll go get some produce.

An update on the dogs. Our Toby is still having tummy troubles so today he went to the doctor , they took a sample (use your imagination), and they sent it out to an outside lab. He’s being tested for a lot of different parasites. I hope we get some answers soon so we can get him to feeling better.  Matty, one of my lab mixes has been on a thyroid pill for a couple weeks now since we found out he’s hypothyroid and I think they are making him mean. He’s been super nasty to our other dogs including his brother who is and always has been his best friend. It’s been a lot of fun dealing with that. (yes, that was sarcasm). Matty will go in on the 15th of this month to have his blood run to see where his levels are at and at the same time his biological brother Jake will be tested to see if he’s hypothyroid as well. Fun fun (more sarcasm)

Bailey is holding his own. What more can you expect from a fifteen year old diabetic Lhasa Apso? And last but not least, Sarah is doing just fine. Growing like a weed and turning into a beauty.

Hubby still has a sinus infection and is on round two of antibiotics. I finally got hit with it over the weekend and am headed to the doctor on Wednesday morning. Seems there’s some kind of bug going around that’s causing a sinus infection because many, many people I know have it and it seems to not want to let go.. Crud…

We have had some nice weather here the last two days in South Carolina. 70’s and sunny. I’m still wondering if it’s really February or if I slept through Winter and woke up in Summer because last night I got a mosquito bite on my arm and this morning I almost got stung by a bee.. Hello? February? But ah, this is coming to an end. Wednesday and Thursday we are to have rain and thunder storms and the temps will drop back into the 50’s which, I’m not complaining. I like the cooler weather plus, I am not under six feet of snow so I’ll take it!.

I guess that’s it for tonight. I hope you all had a wonderful day! 

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