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I had a nice morning of Pampering today.. I literally took the phrase “Friyay” and  “Fryayed” myself. (Grammar police leave me be, I like it!)  I haven’t had a pedicure in ages. I usually just get my nails done but today I thought, you deserve this.. I don’t really but, I’d like to think I do 🙂

After my tech got done working on my toes and my feet she used a Mango scrub for a foot and leg massage and then she used this Mango cream for another leg and foot massage. Can we say a little slice of heaven ?


I’ve never seen this stuff before but wow! did it smell and feel so nice!


Yes, those are my funky lookin legs and feet. I won’t say ugly cause God don’t make nothin ugly. They ain’t the pertiest but they’re mine and I’m okay with them. 

After the Mango scrub massage and the cream massage, she wrapped my legs and feet in hot towels. Yep, I was like spaghetti by that point. Afterwards I was given a hot rock massage on both my legs and feet.

I have pudgy toes. I always have. Oddly enough I only weigh 105 pounds soaking wet but my toes and fingers have always been on the pudgy side. 


Then it was off to get my nails done.  My nails were super long before I had the manicure. So much that they started to curl under on the sides. They were driving me nuts. They kept getting in the way, getting caught on things and texting was a nightmare so I had her cut them way down . They feel so much more comfortable and look better too!.


I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of how I pampered myself today and for those of you men out there who say “That’s a girl thing”.. I’m tellin ya, lots of men go and honey? You don’t know what you’re missing! 

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Week In Review.

Whew! What a week. The first week of every month is usually a busy one for me. Since we live on a fixed income I usually do all my food shopping for the entire month in that first week. Usually I hit two stores but this month was a little bit different. Due to my husbands health now, I have changed the way and what he eats dramatically so in light of that I wanted to stop at a few others places to see what they offered. 

First stop was a Farmers Market that I had seen signs for, for a long time but always forgot to go. Well on Tuesday I decided to check it out. When I arrived all excited hoping to find lots and lots of fresh produce, my excitement was quickly dashed when all I found was a bunch of roofers putting on a new roof and the inside of the building was torn to shreds. I guess they are doing a make over? Scratch the Farmers Market. Next I stopped at a brand new Publix that just opened up near us. I got as far as the produce department which was very nice, looked to be very clean and wasn’t really high priced. I grabbed Forty dollars worth of fruits and veggies and went on my way. My way to my monthly run to Costco and Walmart. 

At Costco I buy our staples like coffee, paper towels, toilet paper, milk, fish and meat. At our Costco the meat and fish are excellent. So much so we don’t buy meat or fish anywhere else. I had split up my Walmart and Costco shopping into two days. Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday I was so exhausted (thats for another post) I wanted to stay home, lay on my couch, read my books and just “be” but, I looked in the dog food container and saw we were almost out which meant, I was going out. Before I left I realized I had forgotten a few things at both Walmart and Costco so, back down to both stores. I dunno if it’s stress, pre menopause or age but my memory sucks even worse than usual. I feel like my food shopping list was all over the place this month and no place at the same time. 

Today is Friday. The last thing I wanted to do and actually my body wouldn’t let me do is leave this house. I just wanted to do ……absolutely nothing but.. Toby had a vet appointment.


 My husband was feeling well enough that he took Toby to the vet so I could stay home. Toby has a skin infection. He seems to get them all the time as does his sister. But I digress. My husband wanted me to rest but you know, I seriously don’t think my brain has that switch that knows how to shut off and just rest. Instead of resting like I should have I spent almost two hours standing on my feet in the kitchen, this is after I cooked breakfast for Lou, fed the dogs, did the dishes and vacuumed the dining room and kitchen floors, cutting up the fruits and veggies I bought to freeze so they wouldn’t spoil.


This is just some of the fruit for the refrigerator and I forgot to photograph the veggies before I put them up in the freezer.


We have a pretty bowl full of apples and Halos on the counter for hubby to pick on.

Last night I got so annoyed at my gel nail polish I seriously couldn’t stand it anymore. On Monday I went and had my gel tips removed because they were starting to annoy me and now so was just the polish. I realized that while gel tips and gel polish do look really nice I have noticed since getting older I am not the type of woman who has any desire for the upkeep of either. I love how they look but I have no patience for the upkeep. Thursday night I couldn’t stand the way the polish felt anymore I wanted to rip my own nails off so, I took some cotton balls, doused them in acetone, wrapped my fingers in tinfoil and let it melt off. I wasn’t going to pay twenty dollars to have it taken off and this is the end result. 


They aren’t too badly damaged from the gel nails and polish but I did have to cut them real short because they were like paper and my ring finger nail did split which you can see in the photo. I have decided no more gel, acrylic anything. They don’t look the best especially with my swollen fingers and hands but in the grand scheme of things this means nothing and I don’t personally care what anyone else thinks how they look either. I let them breath for a while and then just put some of the Zoya Naked Mani on them in a satin finish and let it go at that. One less thing to deal with , one less thing to waste money on. Right now in my life, I need easy as possible, simple as can be.

Hope you enjoyed my weekly recap and I hope you had a good week! 

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