D I Y Spring Wreath


Today I wanted to bring to you this very simple yet pretty country wreath I made for Spring to hang on my front door.
The supplies you’ll need.
A Grapevine wreath
Two kinds of ribbon in varying sizes
Nice artificial flowers.
Wire Snippers
Tape, Straight Pins or Glue
I chose to use a grapevine wreath because with this type you don’t need to use any hot glue or anything to attach your pieces, unless you want to of course. With this kind of wreath you can simply tuck in your ends and they will stay. The other added plus is because you haven’t had to permanently attach anything to the wreath you can swap it out all year long if you chose with different ornaments on it.
I also did not use burlap on this project because while I know burlap is a very hot item in the crafting world, my skin does not seem to like burlap. It makes me very itchy so I went with a ribbon that sort of looks like burlap. For the my second ribbon I chose a very pale pink.
To begin all you need to do is to start wrapping your ribbon around your wreath form tucking in the first end of your ribbon on the back of the grapevine wreath then you continue all the way around the wreath until you reach the end where you will then tuck your ending piece in as well. The ribbon should be secure but not wrapped so tightly that it distorts the ribbon or the wreath. When finished it should look like this.
Next you want to begin wrapping your second ribbon choice around your original ribbon. This can get tricky but with a little patience it will work. Also, since I did not want to use any kind of hot glue to adhere permanently I took a small piece of shipping tape and taped the beginning end of my second ribbon to the back of my original ribbon so it would stay in place. And I did the same thing for the ending piece of the second ribbon as well. Here’s a photo to show you what I did. May not be pretty but it worked.
Once you’ve completed your second ribbon your wreath should look something like this.
Next step is adding the flowers. I took some wire snips and cut them off the bunch they were in but leaving enough stem in order to stick them into my grapevine wreath. You can arrange yours any way you choose. I chose to do mine more to the side than the center. Carefully placing your flowers in the wreath being sure not to disturb your ribbon too much. When completed it should look something like this.
I hope you enjoyed this DIY and if you decide to make one please let me know about and post a photo of your completed wreath to my Facebook page. I would love to see it!
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My Favorite Things

Today I wanted to share something that is a favorite thing of mine. In the past year I have been slowly downsizing the amount of “stuff” I have in my home because like many others I jumped on the KonMarie Method last year. I honestly didn’t real the entire book but enough to get the gist of it and while I didn’t agree with everything she said I did take some good advice and that was, if you truly don’t love something you own, get rid of it. This believe it or not does work. It has made, so far, two rooms in my home an absolute pleasure for me to be in because I am surrounded by items that I do truly love and love to look at. Today I want to bring you one of those items. 


Yes, this is a very old watering can that I found at a local thrift shop about two years ago. I love all things old farm, old country, etc. The water spout is rusted and the metal is chalky feeling but it has that, ‘era gone by’ feel to it and I love it. I went to my local Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and bought some new fall flowers and now it’s the center piece of my dining room table. I get some much pleasure every morning when I sit at the table to have my coffee. I look at this old watering can and think about who owned it. Obviously it was well loved. Was it on a farm? Did an older woman who used to water her flowers each morning own this? Did it hang from a nail in someone’s barn? Did it sit on the back porch of someone’s old country home? So many things to wonder about as I sit and enjoy my piece. I hope you enjoy it too. 

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Day In The Life – Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday!  Have any idea why this Tuesday out of the year has so many names including Fat Tuesday? It goes way back many many years. It’s the day before Ash Wednesday and Fat Tuesday is because Catholics, and other denominations of Christianity are supposed to get all their gluttonous (yes gluttony is a sin) eating because Ash Wednesday is a day of fasting and repentance. There’s a little history for you that either you wish you didn’t know about or you’re fascinated. It’s up to you.

My Fat Tuesday had a couple of wrenches thrown in it, none that were too bad but I would have rather not had to do them but alas since I did I will share. My plan, ah yes, there’s that plan again.. My plan was to stay home, get some paperwork done, begin our taxes and, remove and clean all the bedding and clean up any clutter that was laying around because the woman who comes to clean every two weeks will be here tomorrow. Yes I clean before my house cleaner comes.. Well, I don’t actually clean, clean, rather I pick up anything laying around so she doesn’t have too and can focus on cleaning. At 7 AM I heard the hubs was awake so asked him to make me some eggs which he gladly said he would then the next thing I heard was, 

Hubs: honey?

Me: Yes?

Hubs: Um, did you buy any egg beaters when you went food shopping? (egg beaters are all I can swallow in the morning)

Me: Um, no, you went food shopping

Hubs: I don’t think they were on the list. You don’t have any.

This was before my feet were even out of bed. So the hubs made me some very and I mean very soft scrambled eggs out of regular eggs and poured the rue I make over them. While he was cooking them I was asking God not to let me choke on them. (yes thats part of my health issue’s). Well, hubs made them really good but despite the love he put into them, because they had egg yolk in them they were too sticky even with the sauce I make and I had a hard time getting them down. I was only able to eat a little bit of them so breakfast for me was a bust. I did however have a chocolate cookie around 9:30 AM with my coffee.

Last night I asked the hubs if he would go to the store so I didn’t have to. He agree’d to so but as the morning wore on I realized I would have to go out anyway because not only did I need to get myself some egg beaters, I had to drop my down comforter off at the cleaners and then I wanted to run to the dollar store to get a glass bowl. I don’t have one and I need one to melt off the gel nail polish I had put on last week because it’s lifting already! It’s not supposed to be from what I’m told and if this is all it’s going to last on me it’s not worth the money for me to be paying to have them done. I will melt it off and do my nails at home again. Wow , that was a bit long winded huh?

While at the Dollar Tree I noticed they had these pretty glass jars and I wanted to get rid of the yucky looking plastic ones I had on my counter so I bought three of them, labeled them and put them on my counters. I think they look much better than the plastic ones. 


I bought one for Bailey’s cookies too.


I did manage to get the bedding all washed, sheets changed and I put an older comforter on my bed until my down one is finished at the cleaners. Don’t mind the clutter on my end table. It’s my everyday stuff and it stays there. 


It’s very cold outside for here in South Carolina and with the wind it feels even colder. The weather is supposed to be like this all week so I decided to pick up my crochet again despite the pain and swelling in my hands and wrists (yes I think have carpel tunnel syndrome) , put on my wrist brace and finish the blanket I put down months ago. This is how I’ll be spending the rest of my night.


I hope you had a good Fat Tuesday! 

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Simply Saturday

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all having a good Saturday. I thought I’d share mine with you…

This morning I was up early because I knew I had some cooking to do for myself in the way of stocking up on some soups. If you’re new to my blog and wondering why I will be writing an updated post about my health so you understand a bit more. Anyway, on to the soup. A few months ago I ran across this awesome recipe for Northern Bean and Ham Soup and I just love it so it was on the stove bright and early this morning. 


This is what it looks like while cooking. When you’re done you blend it all together and it’s delicious. This recipe calls for a ham shank so I use the bone from the ham and some of the ham I cube for the soup and the rest of the ham I cook in the oven for my husband.


That probably? looks like a mauled chicken or something but really it’s a huge ham thats been de-boned and trimmed a bit. Doesn’t look pretty but sure tastes good.

After I got the cooking going and the kitchen cleaned up I spent some time with my littles.

This is my Bailey who is fifteen years old and in desperate need of a bath which I’m going to try and give him sometime tomorrow. 


Next up is my Toby who is five months old. 


And lastly but surely not least is my Sarah who is Toby sister and she is also five months old. 


If you read my last post I said that I had to run back to the Dollar Tree to pick up some more baking pans that my husband wanted along with some of these rubber mattes for underneath some little rugs I have in the house near the doors. I picked up a couple more things and thought I’d share them with you..

They had these nice little photos in frames so I grabbed them for when my master bath it’s finally finished being painted. I like the photos and the colors will match the wall color. I thought they were pretty decent for a dollar. 


They had these cute little frog stickers and I couldn’t pass them up because besides owls I love frogs and then I saw these shelf sitters for Valentine’s day and they reminded me of Toby when he was a baby so I took two of those. 

And of course these are the baking pans and the non slip rug underlays I spoke about. I put them down when I got home under the small rugs near my front door and my back doors and I’ll be darned if they don’t work really well!.

It was cold and windy while I would out this morning and I had forgotten to bring any kind of lip balm with me so I grabbed this lipstick by LA Colors just to have something to moisten my lips with and I was surprised to see that I actually liked the color. The photo is showing it as a light pink but in reality it’s really more of a darker brown pink. Now I just wish it had some staying power. What do you want for a dollar? I’m going to keep using it though cause I actually like it..

When I got home I did my usual things. Loaded the dishwasher, vacuumed and washed the kitchen and dining room floors etc. Tonight, I will just put all the food away and relax. 

I hope you enjoyed my sharing some of my Saturday with you and I hope you had a wonderful day too!. See you tomorrow! 

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