Pamper Me


I had a nice morning of Pampering today.. I literally took the phrase “Friyay” and  “Fryayed” myself. (Grammar police leave me be, I like it!)  I haven’t had a pedicure in ages. I usually just get my nails done but today I thought, you deserve this.. I don’t really but, I’d like to think I do 🙂

After my tech got done working on my toes and my feet she used a Mango scrub for a foot and leg massage and then she used this Mango cream for another leg and foot massage. Can we say a little slice of heaven ?


I’ve never seen this stuff before but wow! did it smell and feel so nice!


Yes, those are my funky lookin legs and feet. I won’t say ugly cause God don’t make nothin ugly. They ain’t the pertiest but they’re mine and I’m okay with them. 

After the Mango scrub massage and the cream massage, she wrapped my legs and feet in hot towels. Yep, I was like spaghetti by that point. Afterwards I was given a hot rock massage on both my legs and feet.

I have pudgy toes. I always have. Oddly enough I only weigh 105 pounds soaking wet but my toes and fingers have always been on the pudgy side. 


Then it was off to get my nails done.  My nails were super long before I had the manicure. So much that they started to curl under on the sides. They were driving me nuts. They kept getting in the way, getting caught on things and texting was a nightmare so I had her cut them way down . They feel so much more comfortable and look better too!.


I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of how I pampered myself today and for those of you men out there who say “That’s a girl thing”.. I’m tellin ya, lots of men go and honey? You don’t know what you’re missing! 

New Sig




Hi everyone, 

Yes I know, it’s just been ages and ages since I put up a new post but I’m back. Well, at least I am trying to be.. You knowhow it is, life gets in the way….a lot!…

Today I wanted to share with you the goodies I purchased from Zoya. Why am I sharing? Because I just absolutely love, love Zoya Polishes!

Last week Zoya had an awesome promotion running.  You were to choose six of their polishes and you would receive 50% off! In return they asked that you send them six nail polishes of your own that you no longer wanted. They said this was not a requirement but they were hoping people would still do it. By they way, my six polishes are packed and waiting to be posted to them. If the 50% off wasn’t good enough, you also got to choose what colors and finishes you wanted! If you’re a nail polish lover, can you see why I am so excited?


Let me now bring you the six polishes from Zoya that I chose. 

Please meet


SAVITA is a vibrant medium purple with strong red and gold shimmer with a velvet MATTEVELVET finish. A new take on the matte trend for fall/winter with a pop of bold color.



 FARAH. can be best described as an opaque light khaki-beige with subtle sandy, greenish undertones and a cream finish. An always appropriate neutral to add to your polish wardrobe.



COCO can be best described as a dark marsala mauve with brown, red and purple undertones with a smooth creme finish. A darker version of the classic mauve creme for a bolder look.



 KRISTEN can be best described as a gull gray nail polish with a mild bluish hue. An ideal cool neutral color that covers fully opaque in 2 coats.



KENDAL can be best described as a lavender, beige cream nail polish shade. An ideal winter neutral nail polish color that covers fully in 2 coats.



 PERRIE can be best described as a beautiful, glossy cool-toned lavender.

I don’t think there is anything I do not like about Zoya polishes from the formula to the wear.

How about you? What are your favorite nail polish brands and why?