Weekend In Review!


Hey friends! Been a busy weekend. We didn’t do anything too social but just kind of busy and lazy all at the same time.. Where I live they shot off the fireworks last week (still don’t understand why) so I missed out on the fireworks this year. I could have gone down to Broadway At The Beach in Myrtle Beach but no thanks.. The place is crawling with tourists, the traffic is hell and the heat and humidity are probably just as hot as hell is so we stayed home. 

Saturday was a bit of a lazy day for all of us. It kind of looked like this. 


Yes, Alvin has taken over the big orthopedic bed I bought for Toby because Toby would rather sleep on the crappy bed we have. Yeah, I don’t get it either.. 


And Sarah, well she couldn’t figure out if she wanted to be on the other bed or off so she did an in betweener.. Thats what we call it anyway.


On Sunday I finally got around to making the pizza with the cauliflower crust thats been floating around Facebook for like, forever. 


A word about this cauliflower crust pizza. One, if you’re going to make it don’t make the crust as thick as mine because the outside cooks but the inside stays a bit mushy and two, add some more spices than are in the recipe. While Lou said he liked it, it could have used more spices.. I forgot to add oregano and when it comes to pizza, oregano is a must have. All in all though, he said it was good and would eat it again. It was also pretty easy to make albeit a tad messy. 

Sunday night we had our good friends Bill and Linda over for dinner. I had made a pan of stuffed shells in April that I froze so I just defrosted those and Linda brought the garlic bread. Was a good meal with good friends and good conversation. 

And finally, I got around to taking a new selfie for my profile photos on all my social media. The one I’d been using is about six months old and my hair is finally getting longer. Yay! So I though it was time for a new one..


Lastly, we have had Alvin a little over a week now and we are all still trying to find our way around here as far as alphas, and space etc but, Alvin has chosen his favorite buddy and that would be…………Toby…… an Toby is loving every minute of it. Alvin is 5 pounds and Toby is 72 pounds but Toby is SO incredibly gentle with him and he lets Alvin just climb all over him and chew all over him and he just loves it. They have also taken to sleeping and cuddling together from time to time..


I hope you all had an enjoyable 4th Of July weekend that was safe and full of family, friends and blessings.. 

Until next time!

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