Saturday Snaps – Week In Review!

My goodness it’s been hot outside!! I don’t know about the rest of the country (I don’t watch the news) but here in South Carolina it’s been absolutely oppressing! This is what most of the week has looked like here but Friday and Saturday are supposed to be hotter and I keep asking God to turn down the sun just a little bit..


Monday was July 4th and honestly it was just too hot to do anything so we stayed in. I still hadn’t gone food shopping for the month which is late for me. Usually I go on the first but this month it’s just been so hot and humid that we didn’t really need anything that was urgent so I knew it could wait a few days.. 

I had planned on going on Tuesday but when I woke up Tuesday morning I wasn’t feeling all that well so I decided nah, I think I’ll take a “me” day and just rest. I could tell my body was screaming for it and so, thats exactly what I did.. I got out of bed for a cup of coffee, I had some ice cream, etc and spent the day on the couch and in bed besides taking a shower with a good book such as this one.


I admire Cardinal Robert Sarah for many reasons and have wanted to get this book for the longest time and I finally did. I thought Tuesday was a good day to crack it open and it was !.. I love it when sometimes, just sometimes a plan comes together. 

On Wednesday we had to take Alvin and Matty to the vet. Alvin needed his last puppy shot and Matty unfortunately has an ear infection again. We found out its yeast and also may be a chronic thing with his ears because of his hypothyroidism. So we are treating it and will probably always continue to do so. He’s an old boy and well, things start to break down whether you’re an animal or a human.. We deal…

On Thursday I had no choice but to get out and do the food shopping although I was NOT looking forward too it but we were starting to run out of staples. I made myself leave the house by 715 am and I had both Walmart and Costco all done by 11am just as it was really starting to heat up out there. 

Friday I planned on going to the local Food Lion to pick up our produce for the week. They have great produce and the produce at Walmart, well lets just say….. I wouldn’t feed that to anyone but we had thunderstorms roll through Thursday evening around Midnight and my biggest dogs are afraid of them so I was awake until 1 am and it seems Alvin is not afraid of them but he likes to be close and I mean ….CLOSE.. as  you can see here.. 


Yes, that is Alvin under the covers.He likes to sleep on my legs under the blankets..

Friday was also another scorcher as well so I was glad I didn’t go anywhere. This was the temp and heat index at 530 PM.



Yes, you read that right.. Feels like 112! and I can tell you it’s accurate because when I took Alvin out too potty I was begging him to get done because it was so hot and humid..

We are supposed to get more storms tonight (Friday) I am just hoping they come in early so I can get some sleep. I will have to get out early again tomorrow morning to Food Lion but then for the rest of the weekend we are hunkering down in the house in the air conditioning.. 

How was your week? Is it this hot or hotter by you?

Until next time 🙂 

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Weekend In Review!


Hey friends! Been a busy weekend. We didn’t do anything too social but just kind of busy and lazy all at the same time.. Where I live they shot off the fireworks last week (still don’t understand why) so I missed out on the fireworks this year. I could have gone down to Broadway At The Beach in Myrtle Beach but no thanks.. The place is crawling with tourists, the traffic is hell and the heat and humidity are probably just as hot as hell is so we stayed home. 

Saturday was a bit of a lazy day for all of us. It kind of looked like this. 


Yes, Alvin has taken over the big orthopedic bed I bought for Toby because Toby would rather sleep on the crappy bed we have. Yeah, I don’t get it either.. 


And Sarah, well she couldn’t figure out if she wanted to be on the other bed or off so she did an in betweener.. Thats what we call it anyway.


On Sunday I finally got around to making the pizza with the cauliflower crust thats been floating around Facebook for like, forever. 


A word about this cauliflower crust pizza. One, if you’re going to make it don’t make the crust as thick as mine because the outside cooks but the inside stays a bit mushy and two, add some more spices than are in the recipe. While Lou said he liked it, it could have used more spices.. I forgot to add oregano and when it comes to pizza, oregano is a must have. All in all though, he said it was good and would eat it again. It was also pretty easy to make albeit a tad messy. 

Sunday night we had our good friends Bill and Linda over for dinner. I had made a pan of stuffed shells in April that I froze so I just defrosted those and Linda brought the garlic bread. Was a good meal with good friends and good conversation. 

And finally, I got around to taking a new selfie for my profile photos on all my social media. The one I’d been using is about six months old and my hair is finally getting longer. Yay! So I though it was time for a new one..


Lastly, we have had Alvin a little over a week now and we are all still trying to find our way around here as far as alphas, and space etc but, Alvin has chosen his favorite buddy and that would be…………Toby…… an Toby is loving every minute of it. Alvin is 5 pounds and Toby is 72 pounds but Toby is SO incredibly gentle with him and he lets Alvin just climb all over him and chew all over him and he just loves it. They have also taken to sleeping and cuddling together from time to time..


I hope you all had an enjoyable 4th Of July weekend that was safe and full of family, friends and blessings.. 

Until next time!

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Resetting??? My Clock Part II #*(%%#$


Yep.. Thats pretty much what it’s looked like. Every once in a while for only a little space in time I forget that I have been ill for over twenty five years and my body doesn’t work like those who are healthy. I get these ideas like, the whole trying to reset my body clock and think to myself, “this is gonna be great. I’ll have so much more time to do things. I won’t be as tired. I’ll finally be on a good sleep schedule” and the list goes on.

Then…..reality comes along and slaps me upside the head and reminds me that my body doesn’t ever do as I wish it to. It does as it pleases. Kind of like a hormonal fourteen year old girl. Its pissing and moaning one minute, sweet as pie the next and before you know, looking to rip your head off. 

I did try on Monday. I went to bed Sunday night at my usual time, Eleven – Thirty Pm or there abouts but I forced myself to get up at Five – Thirty AM and stay up. HUGE mistake for me. In the afternoon, I take a nap every afternoon. Yeah Im not really OLD I just NEED one every day! Anywho, I forced myself to only sleep in the afternoon for an hour. Second huge mistake. By Seven – Thirty on Monday evening I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open but my body was so wired from the lack of sleep my muscles  would not let me sleep!. I suffered all night feeling like I had been hit by a bus until midnight when my body finally decided it would allow me to go to bed. 

Then I thought well Okay, this is clearly not going to work. Maybe I should do what I do best and allow my body to tell me what it’s going to do. Wouldn’t you know Tuesday night about Ten PM I closed my eyes for what I thought was like five minutes. Then next thing I knew it was 5:00 AM!….Is it possible my body is going to allow me this one small thing to be in my control? Could it be? I don’t trust the SOB! It always dangles things in front of me only to snatch it away again but I am going to do what I did Tuesday afternoon. Im going to take my two and a half hour nap and see what time I fall asleep tonight. Maybe this reverse psychology will work on my body? I”ll let you know!.

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Resetting My Inner Clock


Today is the first day of me trying to reset my inner clock. For so many years I was on such a rigid schedule because of Baileys physical and medical needs that it became second nature…….most of the time anyway…Having lost my Bailey a week ago I then tried having no schedule and I have to admit for most of the week it was nice to be able to stay in bed until 9am every day but by last night I realized I am no good without some kind of schedule. I am just one of those people who needs routine in their life. Thats when I decided it was time to try and reset my inner clock although, not with such a rigid schedule as I had as with Bailey but a structured day. This leads me into something else that has to do with a structured day. 

For a long time I have been attracted to the life of a Carmelite, specifically discalced Carmelites. Whats that you’re wondering? Simply put, they are Nuns. Cloistered Carmelite Nuns who don’t wear shoes. May sound odd to some but you can check them out here and understand more.  A Carmelite cloistered nun spends her life in prayer. Of course not just prayer but the majority of it and she does this inside a cloister. Giving up the outside world. She lives behind the walls. The thing is I know for a fact now ( I actually didn’t know for sure until recently) that I am not called to be a cloistered nun. My calling in this life is to be a wife but that doesn’t mean I can not practice Carmelite spirituality etc. I am also attracted to the daily life of a Carmelite. If you go to their website and click on Our Daily Life you can see exactly how they spend each hour of every day. Its a structure that I would like to somehow incorporate in my daily life as much as my station in life (being a wife) will allow.  And that begins with resetting my internal clock also known as, early to bed, early to rise. Today was day one and yes it’s been a struggle to stay awake. I had my lights out by 1130 last evening, still too late but its a start and I was up by 5:30 am this morning.  I seriously had to force myself to stay up.

I did however take a nap for approximately an hour and maybe ten minutes this afternoon. Much shorter than what I am used too which is like two and a half hour naps during the day but I did it.. It’s now 7:30 PM EST and I kind of look like this at the moment trying to keep popping my eyes open.


Wish me Luck!

If anyone would like to know about this please let me know in the comments! 

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