My One Year Experience on Social Media


As we will be entering 2016 in a matter of days I thought I would share my one year experience on Social Media with you all…When I refer to Social Media for me, that mostly means YouTube and Facebook.

I began my YouTube channel in August of 2014. At first it’s what I like to call the “honeymoon phase”. You know how it is when  you begin a new relationship and everything is wonderful, all lollipops and unicorns. That’s how making videos was for me. This lasted about four months and the reality set in. By reality I mean, I realized that I was broadcasting myself to hundreds of people and those hundreds of people all have different opinions, values and personalities.

Most of the time I was blessed that those who left comments were always very kind, supported me when I needed it and supported my channel by always watching my videos and sharing them. On occasion I would get that lone keyboard commando who would send me a private message because they didn’t want people to see what they were really made of and they would say things just because they thought they could. Word of wisdom. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

I had a lot of fun in this past year making videos and sharing with everyone but as time went on, YouTube began taking too much of my time and I began neglecting most other parts of my life so I made the decision about two weeks ago to stop producing videos on YouTube and start focusing on what is most important to me and on my list is my blog. I am writing again when I can and I am truly enjoying it.

YouTube also caused me to spend money on items I wouldn’t have normally purchased and it helped me amass a ridiculous makeup collection. By summer of 2015 I had enough makeup to last ten years, most of which would go bad in months, I could have supplied twenty women with the stash that I had and I wasted a lot of money that could have went to better things. I have since purged my makeup collection four times and I am down to mostly only what I know I love and will wear. With the exception of lipsticks but that’s coming. I will share with you my now much smaller makeup collection and I still feel it’s a bit too much…

There is one thing though that I will always be grateful to my YouTube experience for. Some of the relationships I have been blessed with that, if I had never picked up my camera most likely they would have never happened. I had made many, many acquaintances but I have also made a few strong friendships that will last beyond YouTube and to me, those kinds of relationships are priceless. So, thank you YouTube!

YouTube showed me that while there are people in this world who love to try and drag others down and make them as miserable as they are through cruelty, it also showed me there are wonderful people out there who have truly loving hearts who will accept you as you are and where you are.

So what is my conclusion of my one year experience of making videos on YouTube? I believe one must be careful who they allow into their lives, one must be careful how much information they put out for the world to see, one must be careful not to get caught up in the “newest thing” being praised but, also be open to new experiences and most of all be open to those who truly want to be in your life. So for me I would say that my experience was 99% positive and I wouldn’t change a thing!..




10 thoughts on “My One Year Experience on Social Media

  1. I agree with everything you said..As you Know, we have both really been Through Some real interesting ordeals with YouTube and its Diva Drama Queens ,ha ha ha ..
    But I agree some friends made will last a lifetime if those involved put forth the effort to keep them.
    I understand why you left YouTube.
    I for one Miss your videos.I really enjoyed seeing you …
    So Snap me alot !!
    Your one fine true friend, I appreciate you, always will..
    Sincerely Free2be MeBarbie aka FunnyForkenBytch


  2. Robyn, I miss your videos but I understand your choice! I hope you are feeling well! You write so well!! I am so glad to have made a friendship with you!! I look forward to your next blog post. I love catching up with you on Facebook!!


    • Hi Beth!!…Thank you.. I was always a better writer than a talker and I am really enjoying writing on my blog again. It always was and still is like a form of therapy and mediation for me. It brings me peace. Im glad to have met you too Beth :)….I may put some videos here on my blog. I like that although a blog is a public domain for me, my blog isn’t as popular as my Youtube channel was and so it’s a more intimate and smaller setting. So from time to time I may pop up a video..Thank you so much Beth for coming to my blog and reading and commenting on my post. It truly means a lot that you took some time out of your day for me.. I hope you and Keith have a very blessed and joyful 2016.. Much Love, Robyn


  3. Robyn, I have always enjoyed hearing your opinion on things and sharing in your life. I totally agree with what you said…..kinda feel that way myself…..I enjoyed doing videos especially because it is a memory I have of experiences in my life but you do have to be careful how much you share because there are those people that for whatever reason want to bring you down. You have put your faith and family in front and that is the most important. I truly miss seeing and hearing your voice…..wish it would have turned out different but totally understand and will follow you on your blog what a wonderful and creative outlet….maybe I’ll start one one day. I too have felt so many things in life right now are more important then the stress of a video…..I don’t know if I will make anymore or I’ll feel different for now…..I take your words to heart and concentrate on working on my relationship with the Lord and my relationship with family, friends and myself. Know that you are missed… ya….hope all is going well with the fur babies…..God Bless you in the New Years…..xoxo….Debbie


    • Hi Debbie, I couldn’t agree with you more.. I was thinking the other night, I would like to make some kind of video scrapbook for my niece and nephews and my great niece so that one day when I am no longer here they can look back and watch my videos that are made for them. We are a very close family and I am more a mother to my niece and nephews than an aunt and I want them to always remember how much they are loved by me with some advice thrown in. Not sure how I want to go about it yet though. Honestly, I am a much better writer than I am a talker and I had always loved writing on my blog until YouTube came into my life. I really miss it. It’s like a form of therapy so I am really, for now, enjoying getting back into it.. The furkids are all doing well. I’ll be posting an update next week on Toby and Sarah. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you and your family a very blessed and holy 2016 Debbie.. Much love XOXO


  4. That was very nice Robyn. I hope you are doing well, tell Lou hello. I miss seeing you on youtube, but I certainly understand, as I have that same crazy, growing makeup stash. Love your wil power. Stay blessed my friend.
    hugs n love



  5. Robin, That was beautifully written and touched my heart. I feel bad that you were hurt by several people. I miss seeing your sweet face but I know you are much happier now. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and 2016 will be good for you. I hope you know that I care about you and hope I’m able to keep in touch. Love you lady! Jacki


    • Hi Jacki!… Im glad you liked this post.. I really wasn’t hurt by many people I ran across on Youtube..Insulted some times yes, but thats to be expected when you put your life out there for everyone to comment on. My decision was more based on that YouTube was just sucking away all my time and my peace and it had to stop. I was always a better writer than a talker anyway and I used to love writing on my blog and for now, am really enjoying doing it again. I will be putting up videos here and there on my blog here as well. While having a blog is the same as being in public, for me because my blog isn’t all that popular it’s more intimate smaller setting and I feel more comfortable with this so I may do videos here. I haven’t decided yet. Thank you so much Jacki for your kindness, your support and your friendship. I hope Christmas was wonderful for you and I wish you a very blessed holy 2016. Much Love, Robyn


  6. You wrote marvelously and explained how youtube can become addictive and we are in a trance when we do it. Sometimes we don’t even realize why we are doing youtube. Does it replace real life friends like when you are talking with your neighbor or a friend,in real life, as opposed to doing this electronic or mind to mind type of communication? For some it does for others it feels fake. You do whatever you feel is the right thing for you Robyn, and God bless you.


    • Hi Amy!… Thank you so much. I was always a better writer than a talker and I am really enjoying writing on my blog again. It’s almost like a sort of meditation for me. And I do believe that YouTube can replace real life friendships and sadly all social media can and has done that. People have become so severely isolated in the last ten years. That human connection is getting more lost every day..Thank you so much Amy for coming to my blog, taking the time to read and comment on my post.. I wish you a very blessed and happy 2016! Much love, Robyn


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